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What gender should my main charecters be?

My charecter is currently a girl. But, I originally wanted to leave the gender ambiguous. Now, I want a solid answer. I made a encuesta of this, just ignore it. The charecters name is Bentley, and I don't know if the plot really applies to what their gender would be, so I'm not gonna explain it. But here are the options:
-Transgender (male into female)
-Transgender (female into male)
-Bi-gender (being both male and female at the same time, o feeling más like one at one time, and the other at another. I personally identify as bi-gender.)
-Any other gender that I have not listed. Feel free to tell me then!
Also, keep in mind the definition of gender. Ones gender identity and their actual body are different. Gender is how tu feel, and how tu identify mentally.
So if Bentley we're to be a bigender, such as myself, they would not have male and female body parts, but instead a male and female mentality.
Thanks to anyone and everyone who helps! Much appreciated! Sorry for such a long description, but once again, thanks!
 BennieBear27 posted hace más de un año
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fabgirl12 said:
I think tu should keep it a girl if that was your original plan. If tu already started the story, then keep it and don't change it so it won't get confusing.
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posted hace más de un año 
Nric said:
agender is a good and curious idea
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posted hace más de un año 
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