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Help, I need a title! (Brief descripción below) Thank tu :))

Basically in the story a girl wants to marry a guy that her mother hates so she stowaway's on a pirate ship to be with him but she's caught and is allowed to stay and is promised to be taken to her destination but she falls in amor with the Captain's son.

Any ideas?
 ktichenor posted hace más de un año
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Firewriter said:
This is a bit of a tough one, but here are some ideas that I managed to come up with. I hope they help you. It sounds like an amazing story! Anyways, here are my thoughts:
A destination of Love
The Captian's Son (that's a little cheesy... Sorry)
A Journey of a Choice
amor on a Pirate's Ship
On a Journey to find Love
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posted hace más de un año 
BennieBear27 said:
I have always had trouble coming up with titles. Start with something simple? Like: amor Boat. Very cheesy. But so is pizza.
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posted hace más de un año 
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