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I've started a fan fiction fairytale story. The main character is cenicienta and she has recently had a baby and called it Harriet. She throws a ball in honour of the baby and every fairytale goody characters turn up.then the party is intruded por maleficent ursula and the evil queen. Maleficent is the main baddy and she kidnaps Harriet and Snow White. Maleficent is secretly working with all the baddy in fairytale kingdom to make a potions n that will make a portal to the real world. She has kidnapped Harriet and Snow White because she has a deal with rumplestilskin for cinderellas and snow whites baby.( snow is pregnant) and in return he will tell them how to make the potion. When the time comes the all the baddy a go to charming palace where all the goods are and maleficent throws the potion where the goods start to get sucked up but to maleficents horror her Side get sucked up and realises that rumplestilskin must of left out the part that she would go to. They end up going in twos goody and baddy to different countries of the world. And I mean like aladdín and queen of hearts go to New York jafar and rapunzel go to Barcelona if tu know what. Mean. I don't know what to call this would any of tu read this please help ???
 moonstar123456 posted hace más de un año
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Firewriter said:
The fake inside Reality
disney in life
Everyone has an opposite side
Portal of Real Unity

idk. I'm really bad at titles. But I hope this helps
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posted hace más de un año 
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