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Ok, surprise here, this has nothing to do with a book o an assignment. tu don't have ta keep lectura this.
I just need help to know if anyone else is o has been in my place. I had dado a guy something I could never take back. Along with my heart. But after 8 and a half months of dating and a misscarriage misshap.. oops... we finally decide to split. or, he does at least. I hate the idea.But I am trying to save myself from severe self harm and pain. Here's my question...
How do tu tell your mind to stop loving someone when your corazón still does?
 Firewriter posted hace más de un año
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Ryuuto013 said:
Your mind and your corazón can completely disagree with each other. Even if your mind says "stop", your corazón can still say "go".
Trying to force your corazón to stop loving someone is pointless and it might even make it hurt more.

The corazón itself is impossible to control and is unpredictable. Maybe your corazón will fall high over heels in amor with another guy already siguiente month. tu never know.

Your mind and corazón will have to work together to mover on. If tu think about him (too much), tu will only remind your corazón that you're heartbroken. Something tu should do is try to keep your mind on something else, whether it's a pet, friends, hobbies etc. While your mind is busy thinking about other things, your corazón can recover from the heartbreak peacefully.

Support from friends and family is always good. Having your loved ones supporting tu through a heartbreak can help tu focus and help your corazón recover faster. tu know, to "fill the hole" in your heart.

One important thing tu should think about is not trying to rush things. The más tu amor someone, the harder it is to let go. tu need to take one step at the time. If tu think tu can't do it alone, tu should turn to a loved one for help.
(( Quote: "You'll mover on and be a champion in your siguiente endeavor as tu did in your past ... Life is not a success-only journey. tu are going to get beat up along the way." - Dr Philip "Phil" McGraw, one of the world's best psychologists )).

I hope my answer helped a bit o at least made some sense and I wish tu good luck.
If tu need someone to talk with and your friends o family members are busy, we're all ears.
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posted hace más de un año 
Thank tu sooo much!!!
Firewriter posted hace más de un año
Really good answer
CRUSNIC03 posted hace más de un año
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