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Windwakerguy430 posted on Feb 20, 2017 at 02:17AM
The year is 1892. The west has become a high ground for bandits and killers. Law enforcers have been having a hard time to capture these criminals and have hired bounty hunters to catch them, some being brave enough to go out of their way into the heart of their camps or across the country to capture their bounty. During a raid of a Native American camp, a group of treasure hunters had captured a rare artifact that appears to be an enlarged golden skull in the shape of a humans with ruby red eyes and rare gems lining the eyes, cheeks, and lips. The shaman of the tribe said that the artifact would bring a curse on those who steal it, but the skull was taken anyway, disregarding the Natives warning. Four months later, the treasure hunters were found out in the Arizona desert, their bodies torn open and left to rot in the sun. The treasure was left in the back, in the hands of the hunting leader, as his refused to leave it, and had shot himself to avoid the same fate as his comrades. One of the members of the search party saw the skull and took it, and made his way to the city of No Chance in Texas, where the skull was taken from them. Ever since then, the undead have risen from the grave, dangerous animals have grown to extreme size, and many are still trying to find the skull that is in Texas, as the U.S. government tries to keep this kind of information from leaving the west, and getting to the rest of America, and the world. Do what you can to claim the skull for your own or destroy it and end its evil curse on the west.


There are many monsters to run into in the west. Zombies are the most common and weakest. Sandworms are large worms that only live out in the desert. Maneaters are massive vultures that will attempt to fly down and eat people. Horsemen are decayed corpses attached to the back of their horses that only come out at night. Lastly, the Sinners are undead outlaws who have sinned and are given powers once they are brought back to life. There are few Sinners and you will most likely use them as characters, but they are all evil and must be killed. But you will most likely have to deal with bandits and killers, so do what you can to defeat or kill them.

This takes place in the 18th century western America. African Americans were just used to freedom, but still prone to racism. Hispanics were seen around but were not trustworthy, but you may run into them if you choose to head to Mexico. Native Americans were few and were either violent or untrustworthy towards Americans. Asians were low class workers and were expected to be treated as such by Americans.

This is an over-the-top action RP, so do not expect much logical fights. Expect it to be “stupid”, and choose to be as crazy as you wish with it. Have any bizarre weapon you please (As long as it somehow fits with the time period. You may use an overpowered six shooter, but no assault rifles), and name your character whatever you please. Nicknames were common then, so choose whatever you wish (Movie character, music or band reference, etc.)


Do not kill anyone else’s character without permission
Do not make your character overpowered
Do not make problems disappear easily
Do not steal another RPers ideas for a character/event
If you have an idea on where the story should go, feel free to leave a request
Have fun

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