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posted by whit_whit1234
Wazz Upp!! Im Whitney if didnt know. My 2 Best friends on fanpop is MixMaster15 and CandySnooki. I have A best friend at school and her name is Bethaney. I have a brother and I live in a small town in Kentucky called Pineville. I AM NOT A HILLBILLY, IM A REDNECK. There is a difference......A hillbilly doesn't have shoes, But a Redneck does and they have big trucks!!!!!

I amor JUSTIN BIEBER!!! And I Kinda like B.T.R.(Big TIme Rush). My favorito! Nick Cartoon is SpongeBob!!! =) I hate the mostrar Hannah Montana!! If i listen 2 country música it has 2 be Tim Mcgraw o Taylor rápido, swift o Lady Antebellum. =P Well thats but it!