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THE lobo MAN :) A classic.... Enjoy!!!!!!
the lobo man
full movie
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Summary: A young boy learns that even the biggest horror fan can't handle everything, in a world where monsters and ghosts really exist. Another part in a series about my werewolf character.
Genre: General/Horror
Rating: Teens
Characters: Only my original characters.
Length: Prologue + 5 chapters.
This story is just one part in a series I'm escritura about these characters. All the current stories in this series are on my Fanfiction.Net and DeviantArt accounts.
Author: WolfAngel'JR at FanFiction.Net (BenDaImmortal here.)

A/N Happy halloween time! This story goes through most of the full moon / Halloween...
continue reading...
posted by Lancelot8
 The Black lobos of Krishna
The Black Wolves of Krishna
Everything is from the app Your Lupine Life.

Krishna himself made from a black body hair of Vishnu, could use his own magic black hair to summon a pack of black wolves.

Research is continuing into the matter. If tu know something about these werewolves, please leave a message.

Yeah there's not much on this one. I thought there'd be más but I guess the history is kind of sketchy. Um, this isn't much of an articulo but what are ya gonna do right? Don't really answer all this. I'm being very stupid.
**Now onto the story again. i dont like hurting people its just in me there has to be a way for me to be in control more. so i transed again and and i tried as hard as i can to get in control but i couldent! i had to focus alot and i could see whats going on to so i watch people die its so dreaded,though im used to it,so yea.

Thats all for chapter 2**P.S this is all true!!!

chapter 3 ill try to make longer because there kind of small theres alot of parts.

it is dreded i tell tu dreded
posted by Snowywerewolf
If tu see anything weird o unusual tell me about it im trying to find as much as i can about Lycans\werewolves o spirits and stuff i want to know as much as tu can give me.i dnt know why i just need to do something fun and i know alot about stuff so just throw it at me and start messaging.and before i go i need to tell tu one thing...........WEREWOLVES RULE SO DO tigres AND dragones THEY ALL ROCK!!!So that should be all for now one más thing go to other section and read and do what it says please i need to know awnsers! Thats all.
posted by Snowywerewolf
hi its me again.Im going to tell tu the wrong ways to turn into a werewolf. I've only found out two ways so here they are. ne is getting the blood injected into tu that would poison and kill you.second is very similer tu have to drink it im like that will kill tu too. So dont do those things o else!! the reson why getting bitten doesnt kill tu is because there DNA is getting mixed into your so yea. I just wanted to tell tu so tu dont kill yourself! Please respond if tu have any questions.
posted by Snowywerewolf
Have tu ever dreamed tu were a werewolf and tu thoght tu wernt but tu really are. Everyone is differnt it comes at a differnt time. I was born so it happens when ever i want it to! Every one is a diiffernt werewolf. Im the rarest one witch there is only one in the world, its called the true werewolf! It can speak like a human. well let me tell tu all five ways to become a werewolf instead! 1 is being bitten por a werewolf! **ouch**! 2 is being scrached por one! **ouch**! 3 is doing somthing wrong to someone in a way! **mean**! 4 is being born as one! **RARE**! 5 is doing it through sorcery! **work**! those are the only real ways to become a werewolf! thanks for reading! P.S hombres lobo KICK ASS!!!
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YT videoclip with some real sound effects of a howling wolf, o a werewolf, same thing, makes no difference
hombres lobo
Movie clip Werewolf goes shopping in Goosebumps: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, a 2015 horror movie
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