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Long ago, mythical creatures roamed this world, ranging from the jovial elves to the battle hungry dragons. In order for humanity to survive amongst such creatures, they were forced to develop their own method of attaining power the could rival the mighty ability of these mythological monsters. This method, was the creation of Magic, or the physical manifestation of spiritual energy. Over the years, humans have slowly developed their Magical abilities, making new discoveries and finding new imaginative ways to harness it's potential. Eventually, the process of using magic became so complex that entire schools dedicated to the instruction of children in magic began to form around the world. One such school, Heirem, has just been formed recently, and is in only it's first few years. And despite being looked down upon by the older schools because of this, their students still strive to be the best Magicians possible, and possibly maybe even one day be granted the title of Wizard.

Extra Information

Ranks: All official users of Magic, upon enrolling into an Academy, receive a Magician Licence. This Licence is wath determines your Rank, or status of power and nobility, among other Magicians. The first Rank you receive is that of a Mage, and upon making it into the top 8 of the annual school tournament, are promoted to the rank of Jannisary. Finally, through complete mastery of the magical arts and having majorly contributed to the world by performing some great feat, are granted the title of Wizard. Out of the billions of magicians world wide, there are only nine Wizards currently alive.

Inter-School Championships: Because there is only so much a student can learn through fighting among their school mates, every year there is a tournament between all the established magical academies to determine which school is best. Each fight in the tournament is done in teams of three, in a series of one on one battles where the best out of three wins. There is only one team per school, and the team is decided through a mini tournament amongst the top ranked students in the school.

Magic: Magic is the physical manifestation of spiritual energy, commonly known as Mana. Mana can be split into eight different sub types known as elements, because each sub type represents your attunement to one of the eight Magical elements, which are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Electricity, Nature, Divinity, and Corruption. Your Mana possesses all of these elements, but the more attuned your Mana is to an element naturally, the easier it is to draw out.

Magic itself can be divided into three categories, Elemental Magic, Base Magic, and and Summoning Magic. Elemental Magic is magic that bends the forces of nature and uses it to your advantage, and is the primary form of combat for most magicians. Base magic is magic that has no elemental factors to it and usually has basic effects, such as causing something to levitate, teleport, etc. Summoning Magic is using your Mana to pull a willing magical creature from another plane of existence to your side to aid you in battle. However, you can only call upon a creature that has a similar Mana element to yours. For example, a fire user call a fire creature because both are related to heat, but that same user could not summon a water creature because the elements are too different.

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