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PrueFever posted on Mar 09, 2014 at 07:48PM
What makes Disney so special to you? Why do you love it so much? And have you always been a Fan of Disney?
 What makes disney so special to you? Why do tu amor it so much? And have tu always been a fan of Di

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hace más de un año PrueFever said…
Walt Disney Animation has always been a big part of my life! The first cartoon I remember seeing when I was a little boy, was The Little Mermaid. I remember being completely mesmerized by it! It just blew me away! I was so fascinated by the songs, the characters, the story, all of it! And my love for the film is still as strong as ever! I will always love The Little Mermaid and Disney. It has always meant a lot to me and my family. My dad always used to take me and my sisters to the local store and buy the latest Disney Film on VHS and then we went home, he made us dinner and in the evening we all sat down and watched the Disney Movie. I loved it. Also, every week when we got our allowance, I used to run down to the local Book Store and buy these little Disney Characters Figurines. I was obsessed! (Laughs). Also I've been to Disneyland Resort Paris twice. First was in September 2003 and the Second time was June 2010. And this year, I'm headed to Walt Disney World in Florida with my little sister Joan. It's going to be great! I can't wait!
I guess you could say Disney is my safe zone! It makes me feel safe. Disney makes me feel like a child again. All these wonderful memories of watching the movies for the first time, being completely taken with the Characters, the Music, the Animation. It's like, when I watch a Disney Movie, all my other problems fade away. (They'd still be there when the movie finishes, of course.) But it just feels wonderful to escape from the Everyday Problems once in a while. :)
 Walt disney animación has always been a big part of my life! The first cartoon I remember seeing when
hace más de un año coolsinger198 said…
When I was 3, I was introduced to Disney by my mom. The first Disney movie I watched was The Lion King. From that moment, I loved Disney and I asked to see more movies. I saw Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Snow White and the Seven dwarves, Sleeping Beauty and more. I guarantee you that most of these movies I had on tape. I also got to show the movies to my brother who is 2 years younger than me and my cousins. I remember having all the Disney dolls, clothes, and I had the books.

I love how Disney can create imaginary things and make it real for kids. All the magic in Cinderella, and the fantasies in The Little Mermaid. I also love how some movies are based on actually events, myths or stories. Pocahontas is based on the story of a Native American girl's experience when settlers come to Jamestown, Virginia, Hercules is based on Greek Mythology and my favorite, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is based on the actual book, the Hunchback of Notre Dame

I have also grown to love Disney characters and the characters have become a part of my life. Take Jasmine for example, my favorite Disney princess. I feel like we are so much a lot in so many ways. I like characters I can relate to. Disney creates realistic role models for people of all ages.

I especially love the Disney theme parks. I have been to Disney World in Florida 9 times. I am so serious right now. I recently went in February and I am scheduled to go again next year. This tradition will hopefully continue in my family.

Disney has been one of my best friends in life, besides God, my family and friends. And toys... hehe. Disney will always have a special place in my heart.