This is actually an articulo that I publicado off in the Childhood Animated Movie Heroines club, but I'm going to post it here as well.

5. Cinderella

In my opinion, she is the segundo prettiest disney Princess! She's a real classic beauty and I amor that about her. She has gorgeous blonde hair, which I love, I find all hair colores gorgeous but black and blonde the most so. She also has absolutely beautiful eyes, lips, and though her nose is poorly drawn, I don't find her ugly in the slightest from that. I'm probably the only one who thinks this, but I think she would actually look prettier in computer animation, but that's just me, I think. Still though, I think she is definitely the segundo prettiest disney Princess and one of the prettiest disney Heroines overall. The reason why she's not higher is just because.. Well I just find the others prettier than she is.

4. Silvermist

I find her absolutely gorgeous and I think she is one of the prettiest disney Fairies. She actually looks a lot like mulan to me, and that's probably why she's in my parte superior, arriba 5 for this article. I amor that she is computer animated, that's my favorito! form of animation, and I think that computer animated characters are usually gorgeous. Her hair (like with Mulan) is her best feature in beauty, in my opinion. It's straight, long, and black, which as I mentioned before, I find absolutely stunning. She also has very pretty eyes, a nice nose, (I guess..? XD) and beautiful lips. However, (once again, like Mulan) I just find the other characters to be prettier than she is, and that's why she's not higher.

3. Mulan

As some of tu probably already know, I strongly dislike (possibly even hate) mulan as a character. However, I still find her insanely pretty, and I think she is most definitely one of the prettiest disney Princesses. I think her hair is probably her best feature. I really wish I had hair like that, it's gorgeous. I amor long, straight, black hair, so hers is just perfect. She also has beautiful eyes, and wonderful lips. She's quite a unique and natural beauty as well, and I absolutely amor that. However, she's not higher simply because the others are just prettier than she is, in my opinion.

2. Vidia

Another disney Fairy and Computer animated female. In my opinion, she is the prettiest of both of those categories, though I think there is still one disney Heroine who is prettier than her overall. In my opinion, she looks a lot like Silvermist, which is probably why she got so high, but even higher than Silvermist? Yes, simply because I just think she's prettier than her. She has beautiful hair, eyes, and lips just like Silvermist though. I just think she makes all of those features from Silvermist even better and that's what makes her prettier. However, I still find one disney Heroine prettier than her.

1. Giselle

Giselle is so gorgeous, and I think she's definitely the prettiest disney Heroine, and disney female in general. She looks a lot like Rapunzel would look like in hand-drawn animation. However, I still find her a lot más gorgeous than Rapunzel, which is one of the few exceptions to that, "I think computer animated heroines are usually prettier than hand-drawn heroines." statement. She has gorgeous hair, probably the most gorgeous of any disney Female, in my opinion. She has stunningly pretty blue eyes, and beautiful lips as well. In my opinion, she is the prettiest disney Heroine, disney Character in general, and one of the prettiest animated females of all time.

Thank tu for reading!