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Video Game cheat codes database
Funny lista of really bad video game titles. Examples: Booby Kids and Nuts & Milk.
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Electronic Gaming Monthly's "Seanbaby" picks out the worst of the worst in gaming. Not surprisingly, the infamous ET game (Atari) is number 1.
Great site where just having a biblioteca card gives tu free access to this magazine and tons of others for free. Try it! If tu are a New Mexico resident tu just enter your Zip Code and get free access.
A lista of the best ways to die in video game history.
Demo of in game footage of thie siguiente gen title. Amazing realism.
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This is a fun lista of animales starring in video games (in many of the games tu actually play the animal).
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lista of the entrants for this year's Indie Games Festival. Note that these are all PC-based. Some excellent entries. Lots of good stuff to download and try out when tu get a chance.
An amusing articulo about 11 weird things tu could do in various games.
Story about why the current gaming industry can't replicate the amazing and pervasive success of a game like Pac-Man in this día and age. Interesting.