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News, reviews and previews of video games from all platforms
Reports have been steadily trickling in since yesterday of stockpiles of Playstation-3s found sitting around in Best Buys untouched, o hardly touched.
Konami`s Official game site
Official site of the popular Video game channel, Lots of gaming and Entertainment news
The best place to comprar for avid gamers
Electronic Arts Official Co. website
The Co. that brought tu Resident Evil,And Devil May Cry too name a few
Your inicial for PC video games PS2, Xbox 360, PSP DS, GBA, PS3, WII, cheats, previews, reviews boards, and game blogs
Not really a web game, but one of the best action strategy games of all time! Based on the manzana, apple classic Rescue Raiders.
Awesome chart that tries to connect the evolution of various console game controllers over the last 30 years of gaming history.
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