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Is it Grand Theft Auto, which promotes violence, bad language, and, obviously, grand theft auto? Nope. Is it Leisure Suit Larry which promotes crude humor, and a slothful/lustful/gluttonous lifestyle? Nope. It's "Spore," the new game from EA.
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Quite awesome news, amor the new Mirror's Edge trailer, Borderlands looks fantastic... although I'm a little bit confused about why they're going to make DLC available right after the release of Far Cry 2, why not just spend más time on the game.
An articulo titled "the biggest lie I've read all week". Very funny, I may not live in America but from what NooBTooB says, they are the most unreliable back-stabbing retards tu could ever meet; so I trust 100% what this articulo says.
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Where are "Dino Crisis" fans ? Here is a spot for tu ... Any thing tu want about "Dino Crisis" series: videos, photos, wallpapers, icons, links, picks, quizes and más to come. registrarse us now. ---------------- Mike1W
a ps2 game i made this spot like 2 months hace & i am the only 1 who is in the spot :_(

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