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"eRepublik is the first massive online social strategy game!!!" BECOME A CITIZEN!It's 100% free and only takes a minuto o two.

It was unintentional, but some people may take it the wrong way.
Fun and addictive online game - well worth a try!
Check my new spot for the fans of '' the best site for video game videos.
A video game blog and podcast for fans, por fans. The TWB guys regularly post interesting and fun artículos on the latest news in the gaming world on the blog, and talk about it on their weekly podcast.
Like ThinkGeek, this site sells gamer stuff, but a LOT more. However ThinkGeek has más handy gadgets while SplitReason has más funny (and I mean funny) shirts.
A website for purchasing gamer-shirts and other handy stuff for gaming; including "Mana Potion" shots which each have twice the caffeine of a can of Red toro with out the aftercrash.
A website built to help connect gamers. I guess it could be described as the FaceBook of gaming but that sounds too trashy. It's really worth checking out.
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Sheesh... first BioShock, then Uncharted, then Shadow of the Colossus, now THIS?! Just because the game versions are masterpieces, that doesn't mean tu can make a good film out of it!
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