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posted by Courtneyfan6
Helen's lunch speech

(Helen goes on parte superior, arriba of the Café and sets the microphone up for her to speak and everyone are snickering quietly.)
Helen: Excuse me everyone, I have an announcement to make. Festus and I are making changes of the lunch menu this week. This week, we'll be eating an entree that I researched to everyone's diet in this school. This week, we'll be serving Miss Milly Lily's Low Fat East Philly Chili!
Everyone: (laughing)
(Cut to the lunch mesa, tabla where Tori is sitting with her sister and friends while laughing)
Jade: I'm supposed not to care about it but this is funny! (Laughing)
Beck: I'm sorry! (Laughing)
Cat: (laughing) So funny!
Robbie: I'm laughing so hard, I'm wetting my pants off! (Laughing)
Rex: (laughing)
Trina: This is so stupid! (Laughing)
Helen: Stop laughing right now! Miss Milly Lily does not deserve such treatment! She is our respected culinary community in Cincinnati!
Andre: (laughing) I'm dying of laughter because of this!
Tori: I know! (Laughing)
Sikowitz: (chuckles) Good times.

The End!
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posted by hotlia
Well i think andre is más of the musical one.andre spices things up. Him and tori made up a son. Forgot thename of it in all i want is everything andre looks really hot who noticed???..., robbie is más of a little wimpy kid i think he would die for rex. But even though his character is weird i would not want the directer to change the way he acts not one bit. Robbie cant really get any girls...., omg trina thinks she is so freakin popular yeah right. LOL!!!!!. She seems as if she really cant get any friends she is always with tori and cat and them. She aint a popstar and cant sing she acting.....
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