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 Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx
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This vampiros arte de los fans might contain retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup.

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Source: Lori Leidig
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Source: Hammer Films
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Source: Lars Leidig
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Source: Sam Raimi
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In the night we will play
In the día we will lay
Hold tu close bleeding red
Hold tu close in our bed
Darkness surrounds us
Death bounds us
Our immortal amor tu pray to keep
But to us tu all are only sheep
To be tricked and played
To be cut and slayed
We Are Vampires

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Vampire, Vampire eys glowing red
Vampire, Vampire Humen being bled
Vampire, Vampire Evil por nature
Vampire, Vampire what a wicked creature
Vampire, vampire Holding me close
Vampire,Vampire amor me the most
Vampire, Vampire making me shiver
Vampire, Vampire Feeling me quiver
Vampire, Vampire givning me deaths kiss
Vampire, Vampire oh what bliss
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„Perfect! Just perfect. I like a boy who has a girlfriend. The school coudn't start better.“ Then I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a brown eyed boy. He had a cute little hairstyle. He had short brown hair. With some locks on his forehead. He looked like a little boy even tought he was taller then me. He sat near me and said:
„Hi! Don't worry she isn't his girlfriend. She wish she is but she isn't.“ He dicho with a nice little boy voice.
„W-What?“ I asked shocked about myself. How can I speak so loud so everybody can hear me.
„That boy, tu stared for 10 min....
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