vampire knight Revelation: Vampire Knight Saga

apocalypse1500 posted on May 22, 2011 at 07:00PM
hey! Apocalypse1500 here. I've been working on a new and improved Vampire Knight. But except it's not going to called Vampire Knight, it's going to be called Revelation. Why call it Revelation you ask? Well the reason being, is that it's like the movie "2012" you know the end of the world kind of thing, and someone has to save them from death. I am sending out this warning: THERE WILL BE ADULT LANGUAGE IN THE SERIES,there will also be a A LOT of blood, you might see chapters where they might be in hell, there will be new characters{ im not replacing the old}. Feel free to ask me anyother questions or concerns about "Revelation" *it will not be coming out until 2020

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