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Race(You can create a race if you want):

Night Class or Day class?:


Home country:

My Example

Name:Olivier Daris




Bio:To be discovered

Personality:Sweet, Shy, calm and collected, dosen't talk alot, likes making trouble, always agrees with everyone, is like a child


Night class

Relationships:Danielle Daris(Mother)
Simon Daris(Father, dead)
Tyler Daris(Little brother)
Taylor Daris(Little Sister)
Zachael Daris(Older brother)

Home country:England(But her parents are french, thats why her name is, well, french)
 Name: Age: Gender: Looks: Bio: Personality: Race(You can create a race if tu want
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hace más de un año Charlios said…
No one........... Really?
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
*I'll join*
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
Name: Violet
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Looks: Picture
Bio: Unknown
Personality:Kind, friendly, sweet
Race: vampire
Night Class or Day class?: night class
Relationships: Victoria (sister, alive)
Both of her parents are dead.
Home country: U.S.A.
 Name: violeta Age: 15 Gender: Female Looks: Picture Bio: Unknown Personality:Kind, friendly, swee
hace más de un año Charlios said…
(Yay! Thank you, your the only one who dosen't hate me!)
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
(Im joining soon. Im a bit busy at the moment)
hace más de un año Charlios said…
(It's ok)
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Name: Koji Ishida

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Looks: (pic)

Bio: Koji was born to the Ishida Family. They are an ariscocratic Vampire family

Personality: Friendly, Joking, Not afraid to show emotions,

Race: Vampire

Night Class or Day class?: Night Class

Relationships :
-Father/Dead: Raizo
-Mother: Nozomi
-Sisters: Rika & Mika

Home country: Japan
 Name: Koji Ishida Age: 18 Gender: Male Looks: (pic) Bio: Koji was born to the Ishida Fami
hace más de un año Charlios said…
It was a normal day at Cross academy, it was day time, but....
???:Oliver! Get back here!
???:It's Olivier Hanabusa, Olivier, get it right for once
Hanabusa:Well sorry, I'm not french
Olivier:Neither am I, but i can pronounce it proporerly
Hanabusa:If your not french, why is your name french?
Olivier:My parents were french you dummy
Hanabusa:Anyway, we have to get back to the dorm, its DAY TIME!!!!
Olivier:So what?
Hanabusa:So we have to go back to the dorm to sleep, because tonight we have classes!
Olivier:But its a beautiful day! Can't we stay outside
Hanabusa:Something is really wrong with you
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Koji was returning from his family's estate. He was walking across the campus attracting the attention of any passing by Day Class girls.
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
Violet: Hurry up, people! Time to get to the dorms!
Yuki: Hey, you're not a guardian! You can't order people around! Only me and Zero could do that!
Violet: *glares at Yuki* I can do whatever I want!
*Kaname comes*
Yuki: *blushes* Hi Kaname!
Kaname: I can tell that you two are not really friendly towards each other.
Violet: Why should I? *glares at Yuki* I'm going. Hey, Olivier, wait up!
*catches up to Olivier*
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Koji happened to walk by the noisey group. He spotted Kaname Kuran. His family are ones that dont really follow the rules set by the Kuran Family. Koji is only obligated to follow his orders as Dorm President.

He went on towards the Moon Dorm.
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier happily giggles
Olivier:I would like to see what the day class students do
She looks at Kaname
Olivier:Can I Dorm president?
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Koji entered the Moon Dorm and went straight up to his room. He laid on his bed to get any sleep before the Night Class started.
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
Kaname: Well-
Yuki: Of course you can't! Get back to your dorm!
Violet: You know what, I'm just going straight to the dorm.
*goes away*
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier:But Miss Yuki, I just want to visit a little
She makes a cute little face, then Takuma and Hanabusa come
Takuma:Now now Olivier, you can visit another time
Hanabusa:She won't listen to you Takuma, everytime i tell her she dosen't listen
Olivier:Alright then,Takuma
Both Olivier and Takuma walk to the dorm
He runs after them
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
(Can Olivier and Violet share the same dorm?)
hace más de un año Charlios said…
(Sure :)
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
(Thanks! :D)
Hanabusa: Wha- How did you do that Takuma? She never listens to me! What's your secret? Are you hypnotizing her?
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Koji was sound asleep in his bed. The closed blinds made his room nice and dark
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier went to her room
Takuma:Haha, no, no i don't hypnotize her, and i don't really know how i did it(he was oubviously lying)
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier then goes in Koji's room and watches him sleep, then takes a bucket of water and empties it on him
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
"WHAT THE HELL!!!" Koji exclaimed jumping out of his bed.
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier giggles and runs out the room
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
"OLIVIER!!!!!!!!" Koji was furious as he stormed after her.
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier runs away in the halls, then goes outside and jumps behind Yuki, hiding behind her
Olivier:Protect me Yuki!
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Koji didnt even get dressed. He walked out of the Moon Dorm in just pajama pants and nothing else. Koji has the power of energy manipulation. He formed the blue energy into a sword and approached Olivier.

(This is basically his power. He can make swords, daggers, whips, etc..)
 Koji didnt even get dressed. He walked out of the Moon Dorm in just pajama pants and nothing else. Ko
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
Yuki: Hey, no fighting!
*glares at Olivier*
Yuki: And stop causing trouble! How hard is it to just go to sleep?
*Violet comes*
Violet: Don't you agree that Yuki is such a bi*ch?
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
"But out of it Guardian." Koji told her. "She pissed me off and Im going to take are of it."
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier has the power to control gravity, she makes Koji float in the air
Olivier:I agree with Violet, your mean Yuki
She goes over and hides behind Violet instead, then Takuma comes, again
Takuma:Olivier put Koji down
Olivier:But he's gonna kill me!
Takuma:No he won't, won't you Koji?
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Koji manipulated his sword and reformed it into a dagger. He threw it at Olivier, purposely missing nough to give her a small cut.
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
Takuma: Hey!
Yuki: Okay, this ends here NOW!
*grabs Olivier by the shoulder*
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier heals
Takuma:Koji! Don't ever do that to her again understood, or else....
He takes out his own sword
Olivier trembles but stays docile
Then Kaname shows up
Kaname:Koji, I'm going to ask you to stop this useless fight, now
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hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
"Get me down and I'll consider stopping, Kaname." Koji told him
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Kaname turns to Olivier, who puts Koji down
Olivier:I.... I'm sorry Koji
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Koji was still dripping wet. He didnt say anything. He just glared at Olivier as he walked back to the Moon Dorm
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
Violet: Um, do you want to go back to the dorm now Olivier?
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier nods and goes over to Violet
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Koji couldnt get back to sleep so he got dressed and went downstairs
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier walks to her room and stuffs her face in her pillow
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
Violet fell asleep instantly. :P
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier woke up, it was dawn, she stared at the sunset
Olivier:Violet *Shakes her gently* Violet it's dawn, wake up and watch the sunset with me!
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
Violet: Wha? Oh-
*looks at the sunset*
Violet: Wow! It's so pretty!
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
Koji was downstairs on the couch reading a book he liked. He was passing the time till Night Class started.
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier smiles and goes downstairs
Olivier:Hi Koji.......
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
He ignored her and continued reading.
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
*Violet comes downstairs*
Violet: I'm hungry.
*looks for food*
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
"Have a blood tablet." Koji said not looking up from his book.
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Olivier was eating an apple
hace más de un año rosewinton3055 said…
*Violet stares at Koji*
Violet: What book are ya reading?
hace más de un año SilverLeo said…
"The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolken." Koji answered.