vampire knight Who Is Kaname??

ranee_pyonk posted on Jun 12, 2008 at 05:57AM
Well, for you that already read this manga,,
I have a question because i'm so confuse,,
Yuuki said that kaname is her brother,,
but kaname said he wasn't her real brother,,
he said to ichiru and ichijou that he was the ancestor of kuran and ridou was the master who awakened him from his grave..
so,, who is kaname??
I need an explain,, or just opinion,, or ur guessing,,

*srry,, my english not good..T.T

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hace más de un año ToastedRabbits said…
I haven't gotten that far, but you made this topic twice. You should delete one. :)
hace más de un año pink_martini2 said…
Spoilers ahead! I've warned you.(for those who haven't read the mangas)

I went through the manga pretty quickly, mainly because the English translations are terrible. (Same for the anime, not that I'm not grateful that there are even translations in the first place).

But from what I gather, Kaname and Yuuki are suppose to be bound to each other. (I know I want to roll my eyes too) Yuuki's real parents had a son, who's soul was killed by Rido. Kaname's soul was put in the son's body. (Why he's technically her brother XD) Rido did the soul switching and in doing so became Kaname's vamp master.

Yuuki's parents raised Kaname. This is where I get confused, cause they never showed any of this and just expect us to understand this complex web of events. lol

A lot of this ^ I understood from the wiki page.

hace más de un año ranee_pyonk said…
@ toastedrabbits : ok!^^

@ Pink_martini2 : thank you for ur explain,,^^

any other opinion???