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This yo soy bety, la fea fondo de pantalla might contain gafas de sol, gafas oscuras, sombras, tonos, signo, cartel, texto, pizarra, letrero, calle, escena de la ciudad, entorno urbano, configuración de la escena de calle, ciudad, and urbano.

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hola guys so I wrote this fanfiction a while back and I figured mabye some other Detty fans out there might want to read it...:)

I'm TeeFly on fanfiction.net, and so here is the first chapter and the link to what was my first Detty fanfiction, Be Careful What tu Wish For...hope tu enjoy!!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Ugly Betty o any of the characters,but I sure wouldn't mind if someone decided to give them to me. Anyway please don't sue cause I have no money!!!!

Authors Note: Its taken me awhile to finally put to words this story. It has “magic” I reckon tu would call it inside so if that...
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(S02E05) amor was in the air, courtesy of Ugly Betty's newest phony website, bachelosity.com. Betty found a date, Amanda found a new way to tease Betty, and someone from Christina's past found her. Even Marc found romance! While some characters made significant progress, others (thankfully) went back to basics. Alexis remembered what being a Meade is all about, and Justin's dreaded rebellious phase is officially over! I just hope he didn't throw out his old clothes.

Gallery: Ugly Betty: A League of Their Own

Betty's first rebound fecha wasn't with Gio after all, but with so-called NiceGuy47. I...
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