Tyler and Caroline New Michael and Candice Interview

BeautifulLover posted on Mar 29, 2011 at 12:28AM
Since Candice is here, can you both talk about the Tyler/Caroline/Matt love triangle?
(both smile at each other). Michael: Well I would say that whenever Tyler returns that’s going to be a big storyline I think because that has to be resolved but Candice has told me on record that she likes working with me better than Zach Roerig. (Entire table laughs, including Candice). You can ask her, who do you like to work with better? (turns his attention to Candice).
Candice: (she laughs from being on the spot) I like to work with Paul Wesley. (Everyone laughs again). No, I love all you boys.
Michael: Yeah, you do. I know.
Candice: It’s a boys club, I’m starting to realize.
Michael: You hold your ground.
Candice: Well we have to.
Michael: Yeah, you do. (asks the entire table) Hasn’t she? (Everyone nods yes). She’s a badass.
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