Tyler and Caroline Why do tu want Tyler&Caroline to be together?

chairbuck12 posted on Jun 04, 2010 at 02:25PM
Just curious! :D

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hace más de un año mscotstar said…
I think that they would be good together. They're two peas in a pod. They may come across as strong, confident individuals; however, under that hard shell lays a soft warm centre. They both want to be liked for what they are not who they are. I don't think either one would change each other, they would just bring out the best in each other.
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hace más de un año TearsofPearls32 said…
I totally agree with mscotstar. I don't think Tyler would change who Caroline is. I think Tyler would appreciate the characteristics of Caroline that others may not like, in fact I think Tyler would like her more for them. In return I think Caroline would help continue softening up Tyler some more. I don't think Tyler would lose the rawness about him in a relationship with Caroline. I think he would get softer but not lose his claws. For me that's important since I like his badassness.

I see Taylor and Caroline having fantastic chemistry. You can already sort of see it in the finale and I think that they could end up being more than Catt could. Both have grown so much over the season and for me, have yet to find their right romantic match. Caroline deserves a guy who is not hung up on another girl and I believe that Tyler could be that guy. Tyler needs someone who will stand up to him in a way that Vicki rarely did, and Caroline has never had trouble speaking her mind. I think Caroline has a lot of strength within her that she may not even know about, but that Tyler may help her bring forth. I think she can use that strength to help him with his werewolf stuff, and obviously that would have the added benefit of bringing her more into the supernatural stuff.
hace más de un año rrpdsks said…
I think they have alot in common. They like to party and have fun.They are not one's to sit and brood.

Tyler's werewolf secret would bring Caroline into the supernatural loop.

Caroline would be team werewolf (some variety).

And he would be a great Damon deterrent.
hace más de un año katie15 said…
I want Tyler and Caroline together for a number of reasons. Firstly, now that Caroline is a vampire, the relationship status of a vampire and a werewolf appeals to me because I personally have never seen this type of relationship before. Also, it means that their relationship can be seen as forbidden once Tyler is a full blown werewolf because we know that it's always going to be vampires vs werewolves and therefore Caroline will always be on the enemy side to Tyler.

Next, we know that Caroline is a very insecure person who doesn't realise that the pros out way the cons in her personality; she isn't perfect, but then is anyone? Caroline has been unlucky with guys, with Damon and Matt and I feel she deserves to be with someone that will appreciate her and knows what she is going through. Damon used her, and Matt spent most of their relationship 'in love' with Elena and although he admitted to Caroline that he's 'in love' with her, he still doesn't appreciate her or understand how insecure she is; sure, he knows she's insecure, but he doesn't understand that being Caroline can't switch it on or off and therefore he dumped her because she got a little jealous of his scenes with Aimee?! He should have been reasuring her that there was nothing between himself and Aimee and trying to help her through her issues. In my book, he doesn't deserve her.

Having turned into a vampire just recently, and Tyler about to find out his 'curse', they are at the same stage and although they aren't of the same 'species', they can understand what it is like to find out you are something or turning into something you have no control of.

Now onto the more obvious reasons why I want Forwood to happen: they have amazing chemistry, would be a HOT match therefore would be great in some steamy sex scenes, and while with Vicki Tyler was able to walk all over her, it won't be easy with Caroline: she has her own strength and can stand up for herself and therefore their fighting scenes could be interesting! Caroline mentally may not be the strongest person, but physically she is. Therefore, Tyler can maybe help her with her insecurity issues and she can help him control being a werewolf!
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hace más de un año BeautifulLover said…
Agree with all of the answers but I think I have to put this reason: because they can fix eachother heart.
You see, Caroline never had a good relationship with her mother, her best friend right now is scared about her, Matt??? I think Matt never loved her, (he still have feelings for Elena) and Tyler... Tyler lost his father, his father never was someone important in his life, he lost Vikcy & Mason too, and I don´t see a good relationship with his mother like Caroline.
They can fix eachother because they can be the chosen one for the other.
Caroline can be the one who helps to mature Tyler with her love, and Tyler can be the man who will never give reasons to Caroline to doubt on their relation or on herself.
 Agree with all of the respuestas but I think I have to put this reason: because they can fix eachother h
hace más de un año UESforeverr said…
Agree with all of the answers but I think I have to put this reason: because they can fix eachother heart.

I totally agree with this.
Also, I think they are going through something that is so similar. [Even if Vampires and Werewolves are enemies]. Their experiencing weird, new things and are finding comfort in eachother. They'll be able to able to understand eachother like nobody else will.

Also, Michael and Candice have GREAT Chemistry. Just seeing them togather makes my heart skip a beat♥
hace más de un año amshafe said…
1)Great chemistry
2)They look good together because one is darker skinned and dark haired, other is pale and blonde
3)both have similar family issues
4)both are going through a major transformation in thir lives, literally
5)both have been treated badly in the past...Tyer by his father and Caroline by her past boyfriends

6) I dont care what anyone says, Matt may love Caroline, but for a long time she was second choice, and I'm not sure he's completely over Elena
7)After they broke up, Matt was really rude to her at first
8) They are bonded forever both by their secret and Caroline's support during the worst moment of Tyler's life
9)They will challenge each other...both are outspoken people who won't let each other get away with anything
hace más de un año amshafe said…
One more: they will both be able to protect each other...with Matt, Caroline would not only always have to protect him, but she herself is a danger to him.
hace más de un año Aubreykarew said…
big smile
They are supernaturals and can help each other out, plus they have chemistry :) and they r awesome
hace más de un año AngelG said…
they are superb together and they are both lost soul who needs one another to make it through the good and the bad time.
hace más de un año epicdelena4ever said…
everyone pretty much said what i think LOL! but yeahh they have this connection because of what they are.
hace más de un año uruguaygirl4398 said…
you guys left me with nothing to say you said everything i was going to say LOL:) ;)