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 Kristen and Joan Jett
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on the way to the set of the runaways
kristen stewart
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In the 9 months I've been here on Fanpop, I've been dado a view of what Twi-haters are like. Especially over the internet. Of course, most of this hate is directed toward either, the series, the fans, the cast, and characters' redeeming qualities. Most of their 'arguments' are so ridiculous, and can be proven wrong so easily, its irritating. Here are some I've seen:

Edward and Jacob are pedophiles.

First off, a pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.Edward is forever 17. He was never attracted to Bella, sexually. In the beginning, all he felt for Bella was hatred....
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Chapter 1

Rose POV.

The story is set after two years of emmett's transformation.

i don't own emmett,rosalie,edward...or anyone else...Stephanie Meyer does :'( ....(waaaawaaaaa)

I knew it...that sick creature had some1 behind him. Royce was not the one who was after my life,it was all planned,those flowers,messages,kisses, OH that fake stupid amor .He was not man enough to do that to me. He had done it for something and for someone . I was waiting for edward to come up because i knew he must have read my mind .After my transformation he was the one whom i had leaned on but in a bro -sis way,unlike...
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I was a quick wet boy
Diving too deep for coins
All of your calle light eyes
Wide on my plastic toys
Then when the cops closed the fair
I cut my long baby hair
estola me a dog-eared map
And called for tu everywhere

Have I found you
Flightless bird, jealous, weeping
o lost you
American mouth
Big pill looming

Now I’m a fat house cat
Nursing my sore blunt tongue
Watching the warm poison rats
Curl through the wide fence cracks
Pissing on magazine photos
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold and clean
Blood of Christ mountain streams

Have I found you
Flightless bird, grounding, bleeding
o lost you
American mouth
Big pill stuck going down
posted by marvel517639
Here's chapter 6 :)
Seth's Pov
I watched as Hala in lobo form angrily ripped that vampire from limbs. I knew she was wounded messed up vision in her right eye. Broken ribs and I didn’t do anything. I was shocked. After Hala killed the vampire she wined realized what she did. She thought as herself as a killer a murder not the person she was. I walked siguiente to her licking her cut on her right eye as she flinched at the pain mostrando her the memories on día at the playa and earlier today. She was smiling licking my cheek. She looked back me “Look I can see again!” She was happy and jumping...
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Here's chapter 4 enjoy:)
Hala's Pov
I never thought that i would fall in amor after my mother died.I thought that life suck and there wasn't any reason for me to be here. I have no hope but until today when i meant Seth. He made me feel like there was something to live for. Like i worth something. I've never loved anyone beside my mother. Every kiss and touch was a magentic shocked through my body. It felt great. Seth was explaining to me imprinting that every lobo imprints in when they find their 'Soul Mate' and they will do everything for them. The Seth told me that he imprinted on me and...
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[A New Story From the autor of HELLO, MY NAME IS: DEATH Series - BuffyFaithfan1]
Chapter One: pescado Out of Water
Jessika sat on the edge of her seat. She was sitting at the dining room mesa, tabla in, well, the dining room while her parents stared at her from the other end. Their eyes bore into her like hot coals pressing into rubber, burning through once they've made themselves clear.
"What?" She stammered out, glad that her voice found itself before her parents jumped down her throat.
"Well," Jessika's father said, his eyes softening as he looked...
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Okay... maybe I was going completely phscyo- loving, crap over Renesssme....... anyway, I found a true human girl...{okay I truly do know if she is a werewolf monster like me.. except I wouldnt call her a monster, perhaps a beautiful transforming warewolf babe..]as I would think she was.. I haven't knowned alot about her completely like everything... but a little chunk of information about her, like: she loves it when I tickle her back, she loves the tribal comida that the pack and I make her...] stuff like that makes her go all up on me[kissing and all that.. well, tu get what I'm trying to say} I find it very awsome when she does... she likes it when I let her sit on my lap, and drive my volkeswagon rabbit around the old dirt road. We've been a couple for over almost a year....
Hiya everyone! ^.^ Okay, so this will be my last post until Tuesday of siguiente week, because this weekend is 4th of July. Thanks for ALL your wonderful comments! I appreciate tu guys with all of my corazón <3 Thanks for reading, y'all :) Enjoy!! (I really like this chapter, too :P)
Summer was the last to climb down from the steel hatch door. They were going in the right direction and she was going to make sure things stayed that way.

She bolted the lock and jumped down from the ladder.

She wiped the dirt off her hands, "Alright, let's keep going."...
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Hi again, everyone! Here's the segundo installment to part two. Thank tu for all your sincere comments. The encouragement is MUCH appreciated. I do hope tu all enjoy this chapter! Please let me know what tu think ;)

Anakin was an incredibly gifted vampire, just like his mother and Aro. As a shield, he could heal, stun, and "mind roll," but he was unable to read thoughts. He was baffled as to why his parents were actuación so odd lately. Summer seemed out of sorts, and Jake seemed highly infuriated at something o someone. Thankfully, his sister...
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I copied the washed away letters into my phone, All i would need is to get outside, just for a minute. Just long enough to hit send, long enough for them to get it. I thought about Jacob again. No, i thought once more. He couldn't be gone!
Once again i sobbed, staining my pants with my tears as they flowed down. I wiped my eyes,

"I need to get out" I Whispered to myself. I eyed the crowbar that laid in the farthest corner of the room. If i could just pry it open..

I slowly made my way to the corner and carefully picked up the heavy metal bar. My arms felt like noodles as i held the object. I...
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bella pov.
it was a short plane ride but a long car ride to the clock tower.It was a very sunny day,luckitly jane bought me a pair of shorts and a blue tank parte superior, arriba and a pair of sneakers.then they got out of the car and said"STAY HERE"jane order.
so i did then a hora later,they came back with 5 people knocked out 3 females all with brown with black highlights,but al looked my age and 2 where male weired they where not knocked out o tied up not even a blindfold,then we where a someplace then somebody opened the car door and took my arm and then those girls,i felt like i was i taken

three mintunes...
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posted by uniquezandy
Bree's pov
Dear diary,
Another año has passed, and I'm back in this borading school! It's not that bad, but it's boring. At least I have a best friend here called Victoria. It eases the pain. She's a red-head; that I've been friends with since I came here when I was 11. Right now; shes loved up. She has a boyfriend called James and there both vampires. Yes Diary; I dicho vampires. This school, isn't normal. Surprise, surprise, it's a school for vampires. The name is a total give away if tu knew the secret. I am escritura this now, on the bottom bunk (that I share with victoria,) listening her...
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This is like after new moon, where Bella finally hears that Edward wants to marry her. Enjoy.
Bellas POV
Marry? These words are spitting on the tip of my tounge. I just don't know what to say. He caught me off guard. "So what do tu say? tu can take your time. I can live with the wait." He spoke. If it takes us too long to marry, them my part of the deal, won't come. I understood from his point of view, but that is a way, to make sure I don't become a vampire. "Edward, trust me when I...
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Hello my lovleys!

Erm okay,some of tu fanpop users may be aware of the fact that i had been writting a fanfic called lost amor and a few months hace i stopped due to writters block however im back! (cue the applause! Lol) Just curious if i should continue to write this for my fans if i have any *hopes i do*

Here is a little taster from a chapter that is already on here - The first one give it a try and if tu like it let me know wheter tu want me to continue

Chapter 1
Cuddled up in my cama I remember the better days when Edward and I could tell each other everything. But how could I tell him...
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Chapter 10
        Just shoot me!!
    I hate school and I was in a class with Jill, boy can that girl talk about Emmett I blocked her out and started doodling in my notebook. I drew a lobo when I was done Jill dicho “OMG that’s such a good drawing where’d tu get the inspiration. I dicho “my lobo man, uh…he loves wolfs” Jill teased “Stella has a lobo man. Stella has a boy-““he isn’t my boyfriend” Jill dicho “ok” and we were in class. I rolled my eyes at the thought of Emmett giving me a lecture today at lunch....
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 Finally a picture of him laying down! *Disclaimer*
Finally a picture of him laying down! *Disclaimer*
I gazed into Bella's golden eyes. To me I was the luckiest man alive. To be laying with this angel. A very beautiful 16 año old daughter of mine in the other room and very warm welcoming, and understanding family. I wanted to send a note to god saying 'thank you'. A few years had passed, Bella was a full vegitarian now. The crimson eyes had faded faster than we'd expected.
"Hun, what are tu thinking about?" My ángel whispered to me, intterupting my thoughts.
"You, Love." I replied shutting my eyes for a few seconds. She smiled brightly at me. I returned the smile. What I wouldn't give if...
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Ok so I finally got round to escritura it. Well the beginning of it anyway. So here is Unhappy Love!

Chloe's POV:

I didn’t want to mover but then again I was seventeen and had no choice really. We had just got settled into our new house and today was the first día of school. Uh, I hate school I can’t wait to finish it. I climbed out of my Green mini, yes I had a mini, and anyone who had a problem with that could just say it to my face. I wasn’t usually so pissed off, but I left behind everyone I loved and cared about including my ex boyfriend,Ben,because we were moving I decided long distance...
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Chapter 7


2 weeks. 2 god damned weeks! That’s how long it had been since I talked to her. Every time I went near her she bolted as far away from me as fast as she could. I remained in the same place I had since the night she had left. Every waking minuto I would sit at the escritorio and gaze over at her window hoping to catch a glimpse of her. She never shut her curtains not fully at least not in the 16 years I had been best friends with her for. About 15 minutos later she opened her curtains and a large grin had spread across my face. Has she forgiven me I thought to my-self, part of me...
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Thanks to all of tu who reads, comentarios and supports my fanfic, I really hope it's not boring and worth your time :D

8th chapter Missing


OK, finding three half-vampire bebés on the doorstep was pretty awesome. The fact that we could keep them was even más amazing. The girl whom we adopted, Emi, outrunning Edward - totally unexpected (the same goes to Carlisle and Esme's son Nick being as strong as me). But the eldest girl having this freaky ability to control people - that is fucking fabulous!
I can see that Bella and Edward are totally freaked out about these, I don't know how to...
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