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 Twilight Saga
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twilight saga
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After the Volturi tried to kill us all.i wanted to go on a vaction and it had been a año and a half since then and nessie was up to my shoulders!! one día me and edward were hunting so i sain "edward lets go on a trip me,you,and ness!"i dicho exsitededwards face lit up then he "said what about jacob?"
"well he needs to finsh school fist and then he could go on the siguiente trip"he smiled then kissed me "lets go"
siguiente morning
"ness do u want to go on a trip?"i asked her smiling "mom were are we going to go"she asked me we were on the sofá we put in the cottage.
"daddy will plan every thing it will be some were fun for tu to swim!!"she smiled and dicho "i amor u mama!!"
i smiled then frowned becouse jacob was going to throw a fit!!how fun
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hi ppls! hope u like this 1!

I was waking up and was groggy, and half asleep. I looked around me and noticed I was in a huge bed, and that I was wearing silk pajamas. Then I heard a high soprano voice saying that Nizhoni was awake, and that that Seth-ow. Intense pain in my heart, and lungs. Then I was back at that horrible scene with him and that girl sucking each others face's out.

I rolled over and noticed an IV in my arm. What the hell?! I jumped up and almost fell over, but someone caught me. I looked up and saw naranja eyes, almost hazel. Then I noticed the face, it was Alec's. I remembered...
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“Ouch!” I woke up to a little pain in my stomach. I turned to look a Jacob but he wasn’t siguiente to me in my bed. He must be out with the pack. I thought to my self. I got out of cama and headed to the dresser which held the pain killers. Grandpa dicho that if I take one a día I shouldn’t feel the pain. I walked into the bathroom and got a glass of water from the sink and took the pill. I undressed my self and stepped into the tub. I was still freezing so I put that water in the tub on as hot as it would go. I filled it as high as I was able to with out it spilling out. I took a deep breath...
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Here's the segundo part of the Alice's Journal idea. I really like this one and hope tu do too.

I got out of the car and thought to my self: "Edward, I know tu can hear me. There is something strange going on. I got a journal in the mail, and the only address on the whole thing is from Mississippi. I need tu and Carlisle to meet us in the study please." I knew that no matter where he was in the house that Edward would hear me and would be getting Carlisle to registrarse him in the study.

I walked in the house, dropped the rest of the mail on the stand beside the door and headed up to the 3rd floor...
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I felt numb. The three vampiros that had run into my house were still standing there. I didn’t know why. I knew they weren’t in shock, they had known this was going to happen. They just hoped they could have stopped it. They moved incredibly fast. One went to Charlie, one came to me and the other stood there, her face blank.
Edward wrapped his cold arms around me and pulled me off the back of the couch. He lifted me gently in his arms. I didn’t protest and I didn’t struggle. I let him.
“Carlisle, we’ll have to get him to hospital now,” Alice spoke quietly. She was trying not to...
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I closed my eyes.I hated when he did this.Why not just walk we could talk even more.I put my arms around his neck.He smelled really good,not like any cologne, but just really nice and inviting.I buried my nose in his camisa, camiseta and inhaled deeply.

When we got to the meadow.I looked around and remembered our conversation the other día and many just a few years ago.It was beautiful and it hadn`t changed that much.

"So what do tu want to talk about?"I looked at him hopeful I didnt know what we should talk about but I hopped he did."Nothing really."No luck,wait I know."How about how am I going to tell...
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As some of tu may have heard, my partial draft of Midnight Sun was illegally publicado on the Internet and has since been virally distributed without my knowledge o permission o the knowledge o permission of my publisher.

I have a good idea of how the leak happened as there were very few copies of Midnight Sun that left my possession and each was unique. Due to little changes I made to the manuscript at different times, I can tell when each left my possession and to whom it was given. The manuscript that was illegally distributed on the Internet was dado to trusted individuals for a good purpose....
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twilight saga
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9. supernatural POWERS
3. ángel IN DISGUISE

Twilight, the first novel as part of the Twilight series por Stephanie Meyer is excruciatingly addictive as it is ubiquitous – there’s always someone buried head deep into a Twilight book either on the train, bus, playa o at the park.

Whilst the latest of the series Eclipse is now heading for our cinemas, lets go back to the first of the series Twilight to see where all the madness began. Sorry to all the Jacob Black fans out there!

(Warning: If tu haven’t read Twilight there are numerous plot giveaways in this blog)

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