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This Serie Crepúsculo foto might contain retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup.

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Hi everyone, this is first fanfiction for, I’ve only ever written a hand full of fanfiction over in but I thought to myself , I might give it a shot.

I do not own o possess any rights over Twilight, Meyer does.
Rated T
Summary: Once Edward left during New Moon, Bella never fully recovered, in her depression she committed suicide, leaving Jacob behind. Will Bella live on forever in the life of Jacob o is it time to let her go. No Victoria.

            ~Chapter 1 ~

Many people can say that waking up in the morning...
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posted by LilyCullen108

My eyes snap open. The room is streamed with sun rays, their warmth burning my skin; caressing my skin. I stretch my fingers, watching the light catching at my diamond studded hands.
After a moment, I silently let my held breath loose; oxygen flooded my lungs and nose, the scent of the strangers in the streets below painfully strong in the air around me. I gulped in a breath before holding it, the scent instantly vanishing – thankfully.
I close my eyes again for a moment, listening. Aro and Marcus have a game of hearty chess in the room beneath and chat meaninglessly, whilst Alec is currently...
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Kellan Lutz opened up about the upcoming Twilight movies! He talks about his favorito! scene in New Moon, one of his first memories getting recognized por fans and more!

On filming New Moon:
"I'm done with New Moon. It was really easy to work on with [Director] Chris Weitz. It all starts with the director, and he really moves the tempo with shooting. And he's just so mellow and relaxed that it trickled down to the crew. And they were really prepared and it trickled down to the actors, who were really comfortable. And since Twilight was really accepted por the fans, it really allowed us to feel comfortable...
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posted by barbie91lala
1's my little story..
It's a compilation of my role play, so a lot of people participated on it.
I started it with BellaBrooke and BellaCullen96 (who I both thank a lot) and we role played as Bella (me), Edward (BellaBrooke) and Alice (BellaCullen96) at first, but then some other people thank tu to the others!
hope tu like the story!

CHAPTER 1: Almost perfect night

i was walking really angry along the dark streets of forks when suddenly little rain drops began to fall on my head. that made me feel worse...why did i say those things to him? i should have learned to shut...
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posted by teamedward_2010
I do not own twilight so please don't sue!

End of Chapter 2
The door swung open and Bella came in followed por Seth. "Ok, tu tell her o I will make up your mind now!" What was she talking about.
"Fine, um..." I put up a finger to cut him off. I finally felt the same way he looked, and understood why he couldn't look away."
"I think I have some explaining to do." he was right he did, I had never felt this way before.

Chapter 3
The rest of that día Seth and I spent talking, but finally I wanted to know why did I fell like I would go crazy if I spent five minutos away from him.

Then he told me that...
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posted by bella01

"let's finish this" i dicho seriously to darius

i started to bend earth making a very big ball of earth.then when i am satisfied with the size i threw it at him but it did not hit him ,he even caught it and threw it at me.i used my shield to pulverized it as it touch my shield.i looked behind me just to see the cullens and the other vampiros watching me wide eyed while fighting.then darius pushed me to the ground.'i totally forget about him' i thought.again he pinned me on the ground.

"no"edward and the other cullens shouted

darius hand was on my neck perfectly positioned. i looked at his...
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posted by _Kristina_
 Do tu know what the true meaning of twilight is?
Do you know what the true meaning of twilight is?
What is going wrong???
I don't know where to begin.
People do not understand the ture meaning of twilight!
People are making twilight tampon holders and more! ! !
Come on!!!
How could people have buy this, make this!
I hate what people have done because of Twilight!
Why can't they be a fan of Twilight because of what it means?
No because of the guys!
No because it looks kwl!
No, No, No!!!
It is not right!
People look at your self, honestly!
If tu are a ture fan of Twilight, then tu can call your self a twilight fan but if Not then don't bother calling your self a Twilight fan!
I am sick of the people who...
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