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posted by twilight0girl
todays im getting married!
my dress is perfect,it's silk with a corset top.
my shoe's are white leather with lite blue stiching.i have pearl earrings i had borrowed
from esme. " esme!" i sang "yes alice"
" do i look o.k ?" " alice!you look beutiful."
" thank tu esme," i dicho " but do tu think jasper will like it?" "of course he will alice,he love's tu very much." esme dicho in a calming soothing voice. " thank tu esme.when does the wedding start?" i asked " now sweetie. " i take a deep breath and look in the mirror once more.
" are tu ready alice?" carlisle asked " i am. "...
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posted by kctjohnson
We know how Bella has some serious issues about aging because each año she ages, she becomes one año “older” than Edward. Her fear of aging is borderline neurotic, but it all seems to stem from not wanting to appear older than Edward. I’d always had a hard time understanding this – after all, Edward is well over 100 years old – he just doesn’t look it. And I always thought “So what if Bella becomes a few years ‘older’ than Edward in appearance? No one’s going to be able to tell!” But I suppose it’s a big deal to Bella. To this day, I don’t understand that fear.......
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