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posted by mia1emmett
part 4
me: texting you
e: hahahahaha :D what tu doing after school today?
me: nothing
e: movie?
me: time?
e: 7?
me: sure :)
e: but its not a fecha ;P i wanna get to know you
me: same :D
end of part 4

Elizabeth's p.o.v:
Edward dicho "liz" and i looked up and saw Edward and Jasper and Emmett getting up. Nessie was at Jake's mesa, tabla talking with him and his friends. i rolled my eyes and grabbed my tray and throw it out. then i walked down the hall with Edward. Edward was telling me about Isabella and how she liked to be called Bella. he was starting to get annoying!

Edward's P.O.V:
Bella. her brown hair, her eyes tu could get lost in. her parte superior, arriba lip was bigger then her bottom, it made me want to kiss her. it was strange to me, i never thought i would like a girl like i like Bella. Elizabeth was listening to me but at the same time not. but how can i not talk about bella! she is amazing!

Emmett's P.O.V:
i am so going to kick Jasper's butt when we get home. HA he thinks that i cant beat him up. hmmm.. i wonder if rose would like to watch me beat Jasper up. she is from New York right? so dont they get into fights there a lot? she's so hot! i bet i look smoking to her :) should i ask her out?

Jasper's P.O.V:
Alice Alice Alice! she's funny, cute and she can also be evil for a short pixie :) Emmett's giving me his evil grin. Get ready for a fight, i am not going down that easy!

Nessie P.O.V:
Jake and his friends are so nice! :D

3rd person~~~
As most of the Cullen's walked down the hall thinking and talking. Bella, Rose, and Alice best friends will find them self's liking the boys. Alice is talking to Rose and Bella about going shopping tomorrow. Rose was all for it but Bella not so much. Bella had Edward in her mind and she thought how amazing he was. Nessie had finally got up and went to find her family. she had got a fecha with Jake for tomorrow at the mall. she found out that her sister had a fecha with Embry today. Emmett told his brother's if they wanted to go to the mall and get kicked out of a store. and they all agreed, though Edward dicho no at first.

Nessie's P.O.V:
i found my blood brother Edward sitting in his class so i didn't bother him because the campana was going to ring. i went to my locker and got my libros as the campana rung. i walked to my siguiente class slowly smiling to myself. as i walked in i spotted my new friend Amber and i sat down siguiente to her. She dicho "i saw tu talking with Jacob today" and she nudged me. i laughed "we have a fecha tomorrow!" her mouth went into a O and then she dicho "what will tu wear?!" and that got me to shrug. then she smiled and dicho "well can i come over and help tu pick something?" i nodded and wrote down my address. Amber smiled at me and then class started. I was smart and i knew this stuff inside and out. i was smart like my brother when i was born. i walked into the hallway and found Elizabeth standing por her locker talking to someone. i walked close where i could hear but not get seen. yeah i know its wrong but Elizabeth had always been an amazing sister and i always was the person she gossiped with, i cant stand not knowing things. Elizabeth dicho "I know Kim, but it's not a fecha date" so the girl she was talking with was named Kim. kim dicho "but still tu got to look good for Embry!" my mouth dropped open when i noticed that Kim was the Kim that sat siguiente to Jared at lunch. Elizabeth smiled and rolled her eyes while changing her books. "Embry's nice and all but i want someone my own age so i think i need to look good for him" Kim then rolled her eyes and dicho "what ever Liz just dress good!" and with that they walked away to class. i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned around to see Jake. he smiled at me and dicho "its not nice to listen in on your sister's talks" i rolled my eyes and pushed him a little. he laughed and we walked to class but as we were walking i saw Edward with Isabella cisne the girl who used to fecha Jacob. he was talking with her and she was smiling and he was smiling to. aww its so cute that he found someone. Jake was smiling at me and tugged my arm so i would keep walking the late campana had already rung and me and Jake were going to be late.
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