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A youtube Script:
*episode eleven*
*Home Alone*
Alice’s P.O.V:
When tu scream tu feel the vibe.
When tu dance tu feel the music.
When tu hit the floor…well…you die.
In your mind….
*done thinking*
Alice: *lying on the floor; passed out*
Bella: *screaming* ALICE!
Rosalie: *kicks down the door*
*before she kicks down the door*
Emmett: I still think we should form a lunch club.
Edward: *sighs…getting impatient* for the last freakin’ time we don’t eat lunch!
Emmett: Who cares? We can just…hang…out.
Edward: Alright Emmett so what do we call it? The ‘No eating Club’.
Emmett: No, we would call it the EE-
*hear Alice’s screaming*
Jasper: *yelling* ALICE!
*after the door breaks down*
Rosalie: *holding Emmett’s hand* She screamed then passed out.
Edward: Where’s Carlisle?
Emmett: He texted me saying he was at the hospital.
Jasper: *crying tearlessly; holding Alice’s hand*
Bella: Where’s Esme?
Emmett: *phone beeps* It’s Esme.
*here’s the text*
I could feel tension…what is going on?
*end of text*
Emmett: *reading out loud* ‘I could feel tension…what is going on?’
Jasper: *phone beeps* ‘How’s Alice?’ –Carlisle.
Edward: *sighs* Alright. It’s time to check her out.
Bella: tu don’t have your doctor’s license.
Edward: *grins* yes, but I have a clue what to do…
Alice: *Edward picks her up and carries her to the ultrasound room*
*Bella’s P.O.V:*
One day.
One month.
One week…
Without your best friend is forever.
This is forever.
*done thinking*
Bella: *sitting on chair siguiente to Rosalie in the ultrasound room* Do tu think she’s alright?
Rosalie: I don’t know.
Bella: Do tu think she’ll live?
Rosalie: I don’t know.
Bella: Me neither.
Edward: *walks out with green scrubs on* Well?
Bella: *starts cracking up*
Edward: *confused* Huh?
Bella: You…wearing…scrubs?
Edward: Well, I’m the closest thing to a doctor in the house…so why not wear the scrubs?
Bella: *shrugs* Sure, whatever.
Edward: *scoffs* you’re right…whatever.
Rosalie: We really don’t care. Just help our sister.
Edward: Fine.
*with Edward and Alice*
Edward: *doing ultrasound on her baby* *gasps*
*from outside*
Jasper: *pacing* I can’t do this
Emmett: *playing Uno with Bella* Sure tu can! *points at Bella* If Bella’s a human and is winning…you can too!!
Bella: *rolls eyes and smacks Emmett* He means the situation with Alice, tu big idiot!
Emmett: *shrugs* Of course he does, Bella.
Rosalie: *puts hand on Jasper’s shoulder* Jazz, she’s strong.
Jasper: *nods* I know…but that kid in her we don’t know if it’s dang-
Edward: *walks out* Guys…Alice is…

*thanks for watching…ha-ha! Cliff Hanger!!!!!*

-Green Bean
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