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posted by CarlislesLover
This one was hard to write but i did my best anyway. XXX

“I don’t care Edward just come over here, please?”

“Ok” I went and replaced Jasper who was holding her hand. “I amor you” She told me “I amor tu too” I replied “Edward please tell me we’re still getting married”

“Of course we are. I don’t want to lose tu Bella. I amor tu más than anything else in the whole world”

“Edward we need to put Bella to sleep so I can take the rest of this glass out of her back” Carlisle thought to me. I nodded my head in reply and he placed the mask over her face and she drifted off to sleep. “Come on Edward we need to go inicial now and let Carlisle finish off Bella’s back”

“Alice I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying with Bella”

“Carlisle need’s to concentrate”

“Carlisle can concentrate with me being here” I argued “Edward we’re all going. Once Bella is better Carlisle will send her inicial to recover and then she can come and see us” I had no choice then. Alice dragged me out the room with the others trailing behind me. We got inicial and I went to my room not knowing what to do with myself. I thought about Bella. I hoped that she would be better before we got married. The good thing was she still wanted to get married.
Esme came into my room and sat down on the sofa which I was lead on. “You can’t sit up here waiting for Bella” She told me “I don’t know what else to do. I can’t do anything without knowing she’s ok and safe”

“She’s with Carlisle and he won’t hurt her. She’s been put to sleep as tu saw so she won’t be in any pain and she still wants to marry you”

“I know Esme. She’s just so special at the moment it’s hard to be away from her”

“Come on. Cheer up. She’ll be fine. I promise”

“Ok” I moaned. I followed Esme to the living room where everybody was sat and where the accident with Bella had happened. “Can we go swimming in that lake again?” Emmett asked “What lake?” Jasper questioned “When we went hunting we found a lake. Me and Edward went swimming in it but Alice refused so she sat on the side. Then I splashed her with water and she came in” Emmett explained to Jasper “Sounds like fun” Esme dicho We packed our swimming stuff and went back to the lake that we found earlier on when hunting. Jasper and Emmett jumped in at first sight of the lake. Whilst Rosalie, Alice and Esme just gently lowered themselves in. “Get in Edward” Emmett shouted at me from the other side of the lake. “I’m coming” I shouted back. I really didn’t feel like swimming but I swam and messed around with the others anyway.
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