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posted by decullen
I was quite of a second.
"Ummm......well I was pregnant with Edwards child.I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant if I told my parents the would of killed me saying we dicho no sex before marriage.Then I got Edwards letter saying he was gone die so I was lost I had no one only my baby.I got turned in to vampire before I had my baby."I dicho and took a deep breath.Lots of arms were around me.
"I am so sorry I should of seen this"Alice said.
"What do tu mean tu should of seen it."I asked her.
"I am physic."She replied.
"I wish I could read tu mind."Edward said
"What.You cant read my mind."I said.
"No I cant."He said.I smiled and kissed him.He kissed me back.
"OMG!your worse then me and rose."Emmett said.Everyone started to laugh.
"Is that a complement"I said.
"yes that is."he said.I was thinking where my car is.
"Crap if left my car at school."I said.
"No i brought it round for you."Alice dicho and shot me my keys.
"Thanks im gone go and get some clean cloth."I said.
"Therese no point,he will have the will have them off tu in no time."Alice came out with.
I started to giggle.Edward was playing with my bracelet.
"You still have the ring." He dicho
"Yes I do."I replied.
"Can I look at it."He asked.I took my bracelet off and gave him the ring.He started to smile and got down on one knee.
"Isabella Marie cisne will tu marry me?"
"Ummm.Let me think HELL YES I WILL."I dicho to him and then kissed him.Edward placed the ring on my finger.Edward started to pull me towards the stairs.
"Bella can I plan the wedding"Alice dicho I wasn't paying any attention.The siguiente thing i new i was in Edwards bedroom.We done it 7 times.
After that when we came down Alice lent me some cloths because she was taking me shopping.
"See tu later."I dicho to all of them.I was wearing a blue dress.
"Dont be to long."Edward dicho and kiss me with a lot of passion.
"Ill hurry back to you."I dicho to him and ran out the door to Alice's car.Alice was buying me stuff I didn't want.We Were trying lots of stuff on.Alice was finally ready to set off to the Cullen`s house.When Alice pulled up she was actuación strange.
"err why don't we have a little walk."she said.
"No i want to see Edward."I dicho to her and walked in and then i seen why she wanted me to go on a walk.Edward was besar this redhead I felt my corazón brake in two.I gasped and dropped my bags.
"Bella this isn't what it looks like"He said.One tear rolled down my cheek.I chucked the ring at him.I couldn't cope any longer I just ran out the door and got in my truck and drove off.Half way inicial Alice climbed in.
"Bella,she kissed him."She dicho to me.
"I don't care he could of pushed her off him."I pulled over at my house.I started to cry my eyes out.Alice leaded me into my house.
We sat in the living room talking about misceláneo stuff.then i shot up and ran to the bathroom I was chucking up blood.Alice came in and dicho I was going to Carlisle but I dicho no I just needed to hunt so we went hunting we were there for a couple of hours.When we got in I was being sick again.
"Bella tu have a bump that wasn't there when I first met you."
"I'm pregnant all the being sick it makes sense."
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