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So, I noticed that on many Edward and Bella sites I go on have at least one articulo related to Edward being a stalker. But is it true?

Edward can be viewed as a stalker, in some ways:
1. He and Bella spend all their time together.
2. He insists on driving her to school every day.
3. He has switched his classes so he can be in most of the same periods as her.
4. They sit together at lunch everyday (though I'm not sure this really counts, because it's Bella's choice.)
5. He watches Bella sleep--enough said.
6. He insists on marriage (though in the books, Eclipse specifically, this point is dado a logical reason. Edward wants to marry Bella because he loves her, he's a stalker, and because he wants to save his virtue.)

But the truth is he became a stalker because he loves Bella. And Bella loves him. Isn't that what counts most of all?
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