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1 the test reasults

Please tell me what tu think .

Edward and I had just came inicial from our honeymoon. Sadly I'm still a human.=( I don't see why he doesn't just change me . I've married him but no he says that would be selifish ....blah blah blah .

While I was thinking edward pulled my hand "time to get on the plane"he said.On the plane I was having very bad tummy cramps .I wasn't worried.

When we got to the Cullen house , alice was looking at me funny . When i went to the bathroom and came out she was in the bathtube wacthing me.

"Alice what do tu what "
"let's get out of edward's hearing range"
We went to the woods out of hearing range.

"I know tu might think I'm crazy after
this but i saw a vision Soooo..... here"
she handed me a little box. a test.
" Alice why are tu giving me this"
" like I dicho I saw it NOW GO !!!!!"

I did as i was told.
Postive . "OH CRAP !!!" I dicho maybe too loud
" bella what"s wrong ???" dicho edward
" Uhhh... Nothing." i lied
How on earth was I gonna tell him?!?!
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Here are some places where tu can download some of the songs for the Twilight soundtrack:

Muse- Supermassive Black Hole

Paramore- Decode

Linkin Park- Leave out all the rest

Collective Soul- Tremble for my beloved

There's only a few, but they're free, and I don't know about everyone else but I really can't wait for the Twilight soundtrack to come out!
If tu know any más places please add them below so other people can get them:)
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vampiros have existed in a variety of cultures almost since the dawn of time. Until the 19th century, they were believed to be monsters, rather than the stereotype of a más aristocratic being who could infiltrate the world around us, as popularised por Bram Stoker. Legend has developed since, with pop culture shows such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", which tackles concepts such as a vampire with a soul and possible redemption for a creature previously believed to have had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Bella lists her observations when she is researching on the internet: "Speed, strength,...
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