Chapter 6
Sleeping was hard when tu had gear stick poking tu in the culo all night. After being with Jacob for the segundo time in twenty four hours, we were too tired to make ourselves back up into my cama to get some sleep after so we just slept in the car. I’ve never done that before, it’s not like me.
I knew Charlie, o maybe the whole town would have something to say about that, if they saw us sneak out of the car half naked sneaking our back into the house late at night. So we played our cards seguro and stayed in the car.
Jacob’s peaceful sleeping body leaned against the window, from though I could see through to outside. A heavy mist was hanging over the tops of the trees and the sun was hiding behind it. Typical Forks’ day.
"Jacob, do tu want to get some breakfast?" I dicho my hardest through a groggy morning throat. I was still rubbing my eye, fully attempting to awaken.
He rustled and murmured some form of gibberish, tu could so tell we had a big night. Within a few segundos passed his eyes began to flutter open, but only to a squint as the sun slowly peaked through the fog.
I felt a sense of eyes watching over me from above, perhaps from the upstairs windows. A swivelled to glance over at Charlie’s room window, no one was there. However his police crucero is gone, I suspect he has gone fishing out one of his Harry Clearwater down in La Push; he did tell me it was his only día off this week.
But that means he would had seen us this morning sleep as he was getting into his car! Oh shame.
The revelation made me start nudging Jacob, we need to get up and get out, now.
“Jacob wake up, he saw us, I just know it. We will have to make up a cover story; I don’t want Charlie to think about that sort of stuff at this point.
“Hmm yup sounds good. Man I’m hungry; I could eat an entire farm right about now.” Jacob spoke as his stomach roared, it was an impressive roar. Loud enough to make me giggle a little, Jacob too.
"Well did tu wanna go out somewhere and get pancakes? I’m a little hungry myself too,"
"Sure Sure" He dropped his hand on the car door and got out, allowing me to glide over to the driver’s side. Once Jacob was back in, I roared the truck to life and set off down the road. The nearest restaurant that offered breakfast was the old cena, comedor in town, the same one where Charlie used to take when I used to come up every summer. I should also add its only venue in town that does hot breakfasts in Fork’s so it was a hard choice where we were going.

2 months later

Since the night in the car Charlie’s preguntas became to increase; they were subtle as Charlie wasn’t one to hover over me but I guess he fears the answers. Also as a parent he most likely feels like he is forced to ask. Poor Charlie. I could certainly say for sure that the cat is out of the bag after his walk-in last Saturday night with Jacob, and he thinks he will be scarred for life.
All embarrassment aside the worst for Charlie was when mum ran away from their marriage, taking me with her. It’s hard to admit, but in all honestly it would had been even harder growing up if they worked things out. Living with mum is enough responsibility for one child, and with Dad put together as well. I mean dad can’t even cook his own dinner; I didn’t dare to imagine what it would have been like to change my nappy.

"So Bella, what are your plans for today?" Charlie asked, but not really interested in the answer. That was evident; I bet the words of seeing Jacob would Charlie paranoia. What with his small imagination. If only he knew the truth, we don’t do it all the time.
“Edward and Alice are taking me out today”
I remembered Edward's proposal to take me out shopping and movie alongside Alice today, but the más I think about it, it seems that I was really Alice’s proposal.
Edward has become my closest friend, closest apart from Jacob of course. His family still seems very distant from me, act as if I’m a alien, but Edward and Alice were quick to differ from their other adopted siblings.
But today I’m glad I finally get to spend time with Edward, every other día has been with Jacob, I’m starting to feel like one of those friends that blows them off for a date. Nobody likes those people. And after Jacob had told me he had already planned a día with Quil and embry as well it all worked perfectly. I guess Jacob had also had been blowing his friends off too. At school yesterday Edward had suggested that himself and Alice would at my house at 10 am to pick me up so, I ducked upstairs as fast I could in my safest running speed. Can never forget out clumsy I am. At all times.

Glancing at my laptop, the screen read 9:50. Oh Shoot!
I bolted over to the ducha, ducha de ripping my clothes off like little spiders were crawling on them (just picture it. When I was done I sprinted back to my room, nearly sliding on the polished timber floors. I couldn’t picture for a segundo that they Cullen’s would ever be late, considering it was Alice. And to parte superior, arriba it off, it was for a shopping trip, I’m shocked Alice was even here already.

In the panic and rush things flashed just passed my eyes, didn’t even see properly the colour of the camisa, camiseta I threw on, I think it was blue, I think. I purely just slugged in any piece material that my legs could get into, no doubt it looked ridiculous. Oh whatever! It’s not like I have paparazzi following me.

The campana rang through the whole house, on the stroke of 10am, not a minuto before , nor a minuto late. Could they had perfected the timing any better?
Beautiful, smart, Funny, now never late. God, I will be jealous when I see their success in a workplace after graduation.

Bouncing down the stairs, to still find Charlie couched on the sofa, he seemed as if he had never of heard the bell, as impossible as that has seems.
Opening the door, I was crushed with an ice hug brought on por Alice, She had the strength to strangle me, o crush me, take your pick.

I heard a small laugh from the steps. Alice was not letting go of deadly grasp, but I knew eventually she would always either mover onto Charlie o continue on her rant on how much she is excited about today. She was always a cheerful ball of energy, when Alice as around, she made tu happy.

She moved onto Charlie, but that made me nervous what with his state right now, all me and Jacob’s fault.

Glancing back out the door, Edward stood before me, his eyes were already investigating me. I smiled and trudged over. He deserved a hug too. Edward isn’t one for close contact; he shows it all the time, but today he is in for it.

Taking him for surprise I leap my arms around him, letting out my sneaky laugh. I knocked his breath right out of his lungs. But after too long he caved in, he wrapped his arms around me. I felt his body shake beside me, and he began to pant slightly por slightly pushing me away, turning his face away from me.
"Edward, are tu ok?" I dicho worried.
"I'm fine... Just got a bit of flu" he dicho through the pants, but he was now soothing down.
Alice had returned and placed her hand on his shoulder to comfort him, she looked him in the eyes with serious expression. It was like I was missing one little tiny detail.
Alice nodded, and turned back towards me, big happy grin

"Now, Bella, I hope tu didn’t bring your wallet, everything is on me!" she dicho in her pixie voice, while snatching my hand and practically dragging me behind her.
Within a matter of segundos I felt my stomach kick, felt a little woozy, dizzy and that feeling after a big period cramp. It was like a wave. I have no idea where I came from. But had to hide it from Alice, hate to ruin her big day.

The drive to Port Angeles was normally an hora and a half, but with the Cullen’s "drunk driving" technique we reached there in just under 30 minutes, me winging the whole way of course, only making me feel más dizzy and sick, the sick in my stomach still hadn’t passed. I was just praying that I won’t vomit. That would push me off the radar of embarrassing, shame and humiliation for this week.

Alice had lost the battle of what comes first, movie o shopping, 2 to 1, Edward and I made an alliance, but Alice became the sore loser, but cuffed her shoes the whole walk to the cinema. She reminded me of a 5 año old, she was too cute. I guess she was always used to getting what she wanted.

We had planned to see "Face punch”, it was the last resort. It was obviously not a single one of us wanted to see it, neither one of us were fans of action o gore.
Walking in I quickly got the smell of mantequilla from the popcorn, the maní, cacahuete M&M's and syrup cola, the aroma sent me off the edge, giving me another kick in my stomach, but this time, one that sent all my breakfast up through my throat and out my mouth.
Running to the bathroom with my hand cupping my mouth, I managed to hold onto it until I reached the one of the cubicles. It was vile, I hate the feeling tu get when tu vomit.

Not too long a little knock pondered from my cubicle door. I can see the perfect set of ballet shoes on the other side. It was Alice seeing if I was alright.
I don’t why I feel like this; there was nothing wrong with the comida I made my breakfast with. And from what I am aware with no one from my school has been away from a stomach bug.

"Bella are tu ok?" she asked, in a frantic lullaby. Oh god, I’ve ruined her day. Defeated I stood up to unlock to door handle. I needed her help.