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posted by surfergal
Later that evening one of there sons and daughters dropped por my room
to meet me. They introduce themselves as Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen.
They were so cute they help hands I quickly new that the loved each
other and I didn't think that was weird cause they weren't related.

The siguiente morning well it was más like the afternoon but when I woke
up Jordan and Max were in the room. I was happy to see them cause I
missed them. I told them that I was getting to stay with the Cullen’s
for a little bit they seemed pretty happy too.

They had to leave pretty soon cause they had a curfew during the day.
So I hugged them goodbye and told them after the graduate to find me
and we could get together. As they left Alice and Jasper walked
through the door. They told me it was time to go home. I loved the way
that sounded.

On the way to the Cullen's house I was a little scared but then I as
washed over with joy. When I got out of the car my ribs hurt a lot
with I was standing back straight up but I got over it. As I walked in
the door there was Esme and there was for four other people and a
little girl standing there. They all greeted me kindly I was happy
about that I was afraid that they would think I'm imposing on them in
their house. They introduce their selves. There was Edward and Bella
with their daughter Renesme and then there was Rosalie and Emmet
sorta frighten me at first but it was cause he looked so strong and he
was taller than me but then that's not saying much cause I'm pretty

Their house was amazing. I couldn’t believe how big it was. They showed
me where my room was and it was beyond words. Alice stayed and help
me unpack. Everything and she even gave me some really cute clothes.
We just got done packing when I heard the most beautiful paino música
ever, I also Alice where it was coming from and she told me that
Edward was playing it. I couldn't believe it! Man I wish I could play
like that I told Alice and she asked tu can play the paino and I dicho
yes but compared to Edward I was really bad. I hardly new anything I

Alice took me to the paino and told me to sit down and play anything
that I could. All I could remember was One día off of Pirates of the
Caribbean. I was embarrassed to play but I did anyways. Everyone told
me I did a good job but I new they were being nice. Edward offered to
teach me some classical pieces and I gladly took up on that offer.
Addi how hold are you? dicho Emmett. I am 18. tu don't look 18, tu
look 16. Really? I said. Emmet goes yeah tu look sixteen. Fine I
changed my birth certificate to 18 so I could registrarse the coast guard, I
just looked down after I dicho it. Emmet goes we have all lied about
our age before no problem and I don't really care. I just want to know
why.? I told him I don't have any family I didn't have a place to stay
and I had no money so I just change my age so I could join. Oh was all
Emmet said. I going to go lay down my ribs are hurting.

I walked into my room and Renesme was following me. She was so
precious. Hi Renesme. She waved and dicho hi Addi. Whatcha doin? I
asked she replied I'm want to play with you. I dicho I'm sorry Renesme
but I don't feel very well maybe later. She had the saddest face ever
so I caved in and dicho one game and tu pick. She was very smart for
her age. She dicho goldfish so she ran and got some cards and we played
a round of goldfish an she won of course. After that I was finally on
my way to lay down. I fell asleep pretty fast when I layed down. I
woke up three hours later it was cena time. I had cereal. I noticed
that no one else ate but me. So I figured that they all ate while I
was asleep.
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