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Warning: Thist is just my fantasía coming through. And some information to you; the story plays before Bella became a Vampire and there is no Nessie in sight. So its just for our little Jacob's sake, he needs some luving.

Death is just the beginning
It was cold and hard, but for some strange reason i found it comfortable. I told myself i was deserving that, for betraying my brothers. I couldnt step back from my decision though, and i knew that just as well. So it was no suprise that i couldnt sleep well since days, rolled together to a ball.- in Bella Swan's backyard. I made sure that Charlie didnt see me, and Bella was without a doubt a great help. I even grow on the Bloodsuckers a little, after all they didnt annoy me. The only thing that felt worse than the guilt, was my aching heart.- that simply didnt stop beating. Kristine i thought again, even though i wasnt sure if i was still sleeping o awake. Did she miss me just as much? Was she alright? To answer that pregunta i had to wait a little longer, i tried to be patient. Underneath the big trees i was stretching a little bit, seeing from a far that soeone would enter the backyard. Bella. She wore that blue shirt, that had his smell all over, again it burnt in my nose. Try to behave, Jacob. It was true, allthough they had no reason to help me, they did.
''Jacob?'', of course she didnt see me, so i stepped out of the shadow looking at her. I must have looked beaten, not enough sleeping and remaining in the same position since over a week.
''Any news?'', i asked not sure if i wanted to hear her answer.
''Actually there are news finally, Edward saw her today. She left the house followed por her mother, he dicho she looked unhappy. But apart from that she looks healthy.''
''They wouldn't dare'', i mumbled, trying to be calm.
''Didnt tu say that the lobos there to protect innocent human. So why would they do anything to her?'', Bella was smart, she paid attention a lot más than tu realized. But she was missing a point now, the Pack had other rules.
''I never thought they would attack her, but what if someone cant control himself? What if someones temper gets in the way... I swear to god... .''
She punched my shoulder, okay she tried to puñetazo, ponche my shoulder.- but like always did hurt herself. We shared a laughter, it felt so good after all she was my best friend. And allthough i would never admit it, i understood now lightly where she was coming from. Of course i didnt like the fact she loved a Vampire, but the point was she didnt choose. It happened, and tu cant cut your corazón out that easily. I had forgotten about all those feelings when she broke my heart, but now that i felt my passion and devotion, i had no choice than to fight.
''I need to see her, it nearly drives me insane. Plus i need to find a better place, Charlie got pretty close yesterday'', i gave her the best smile i was able to bring, hoping she would do the same for me.
''You know the offer still stands, the Cullens...'', my look gave her all the respuestas needed. Even though i started to accept them, it was just too much to live with them. I wasnt ready to be the guarddog for them, the thought amused me.
''Do tu remember the saying: I would give my left arm... . In the case of the Fangs, i rather give my whole body.''
''Your stupid'', she said, sighing out loud.
''And what is new about that?'', she nearly pushed me again, but to my own suprise she remained in position. As i looked over her shoulder i saw why, Edward and his pixie like sister Alice were coming around the corner. Bella couldnt hold herself back jumping in her boyfriends arm, again it suprised me that i didnt bother about it. Alice didnt stop walking, coming close to me she smiled. Of course she didnt like my smell, but that compliment i was able to give her back. Out of the Cullens, she was my favourite.- if tu forgot about the Doc. She even went as far as touching my underarm, i didnt jump back allthough my senses told me to.
''How much tu know about Kristine?'', she asked, without trying to be polite o soft.
''What exactly do we talk about?''
''Do tu know much about her family, o anything in that matter'', she seemed unpatient, stepping from one leg on the other. I was rubbing my forhead, más than likley looking like an idiot trying to think hard. I felt three pairs of eyes looking at me, making the pressure just bigger.
''I only know that he mother died years hace and that she has a stepmother. She is pretty scared of her, but whenever i asked she wouldnt tell me. Her dad is hardly home, always on the road working. And that she has a little brother'', i was completly lost, all kind of weird things running through my head. Why would they wanna know this? Was something wrong, más than last time?
''I agree'', i heard Edward say, very calm and serious.
Bella and me looked at him at the same moment, knowing that him and his sister had one of those private conversations again. But i wouldnt play along, this was about me and even más important it was about Kris.
''You agree to what?''
''That her inicial isnt a very seguro place for her, tu should get her out of there'', Alice dicho trying to be comforting, it didnt work.
''And how tu plan doing that without destroying her life?''
Again i heard a little laugh, this time it was Alice that stood still siguiente to me. She was not laughing about me, she was definatley laughing about her own thoughts o such.
''You forget one thing Jacob Black, tu work with vampiros now. We might disagree with all the evil tu call us, but i never dicho i am bad at lying.''
I rolled my eyes as we started to walk towards their car, they offered me a asiento but that was really too much. I was scared that i would get out of air, cause of the horrible smell. So like my nature told me, i would run. And probably still be at Kris's house before them. Bella was the last person i saw, she gave me that motivating smile.- so there was still hope.

What if tu always were the best part of me?
I was right, a car couldnt beat me.- when i was in a hurry. The moment i entered her street, her all too inviting scent hit my face and made me shiver. Its been only seven days, but it felt like a lifetime. I took my place under the trees waiting for the 'army' to arrive, and they simply let me wait. I was able to imagine Bella moaning that they drove too fast, and also Edward giving in like always. But damn it, that was an Emergency.- after all for me. I was able to get a look on the inside of the house, it was filled with light but a lot of weird things on the inside. For a moment i thought i had seen two yellow eyes looking at me, but that probably was just my own image. Allthough i had changed back to human form, i felt like i still had the perfect sight. Finally, i thought when i heard the noise of the Volvo and they parked not too far away. Bella who was pressed against Edward's side, tried her best to keep up.
''So'', i dicho wondering if they had a plan finally. But no one really took the time to explain anything to me, instead of that Edward left us. I didnt follow his walk at first, till i noticed where he was going.- directly to her house. Knocking against the frontdoor, waiting.
''He is crazy right?'', i asked, face turned into the direction of Bella.
''No. He is just trying to help a friend.''
''But he cant stand me... .''
''Didnt say that friend was you, but be thankful Jacob. After all tu get your girl back'', of course she was mocking me. But considering a Vampire a friend felt strange, and it felt right. Common reality check, please. All three of us looked back at the door as it finally got opened. It was her Stepmother, looking beautiful just like the last time.- but still there was something wrong about her. But she looked interested at Edward.
''Hello my name is Edward Cullen, I came to see Kristine'', he knew how to be charming, damn it.
''Oh yeah, of course. One moment'', she closed the door again, and another few moments had passed before someone else appeared. My corazón stopped beating a moment, and i was sure that Alice heard it. Cause without looking at me she punched my side, putting it back to the right rythm. Edward was talking to her, but neither of us heard it. A división, split segundo later they started to walk siguiente to each other, pretty fast for her being human. They walked across the corner and then she saw me, and it seemed to do the same for both of us. We forgot that there were people around us, that there was a world turning.
''Jake'', she whispered in her beautiful voice, then she had reached me.- both her arms around me. She kissed me with such a passion, that I hadnt felt before. Her soft lips where forcing, wilder than ever. At least i knew now that it had been hell for her aswell. That she had missed me just as much. It took us a while to be able to split, looking at our audience that seemed to be rather amused. Kristine was letting me go way too early, running back to Edward hugging him aswell. Was she insane? Okay he just helped me, but didnt she notice that something was different? He was probably confused but hugged back lightly, trying to not touch her skin. I grapped her arm, making her step back.
''Oh i am sorry, i just... its been ages since i saw tu Jacob. And all cause of your wonderful friends'', her eyes were glowing, i loved her excited expression. And right before i wanted to suggest we leave, i felt her stiffen siguiente to me. Something was holding her back, and i wasnt sure if it was something natural. Remember the world tu live in, Wolves, Vampires... .
''How did tu do that?'', she asked, raising one of her brows.
''Just asked your Stepmother if tu can come out'', Edward said, but she didnt buy it.
''No. That never would have worked on her, so your are Vampires... but none than less, how did tu do it?''
''Did tu tell her...'', Bella seemed to be very pissed, but i raised my hands.- cause the truth was i never mentioned them. This time it was Kristine stepping in front of me, making it look like she was willing to fight only to protect me. I hadnt seen her angry so far, and even though it looked sexy i wasnt sure what brought it up.
''He didnt have to tell me anything, i am not an idiot. I dont live in a world like tu do, i mean think about it. I wasnt shocked a moment when i realized what Jacob is, its nothing new to me. And i have realized different people running around in the trees, stalking o protecting. I ask again, how did tu do it?''
Edward looked at Alice, she nodded her head and más than likley she had seen things about Kristine. I was kinda confused, all the things my girlfriend had just said, made me think. She dicho she knew enough about our world, what was her role?
''Look over to the big tree, do tu see the blonde guy'', he asked, and she nodded her hands crossed in front of her chest. ''That is Jasper, another one of us. He was sensing the feelings of your Stepmother, that made it easier. And i am pretty charming.''
I would have been betting on the fact that he would have blushed, if that was possible at all. But Kris was satisfied, she locked her hand with mine then started to walk. It was all too unreal, i thought i had to protect her.- but now she was walking like a soldier herself. She kissed my cheek softly, and i felt her warmth coming to me like a big wave.
''You know its not over, right?'', she dicho to me, but to the others aswell. ''She will not give up that easily, she owns me.''
''What are tu talking about, Kris?''
''You my amor just met something worse than hungry Vampires, tu met a Witch. And i dont mean that my Stepmother is angry and fiesty, i mean that she plays with magic that can destroy whatever tu dream of.''
She closed the subject as fast as she had opened it, but seeing the looks of the Cullens.- she was telling the god damn truth. Fun. Now werent we just one big happy family. We had lobos that didnt talk to each other, we had vampiros that adopted a lobo and now we had a girl running from a Witch. If my día hadnt been weird, it definatley would have made me laugh. Someone call the EMT's, lobo going insane.
As we had reached the car we took our asiento on the back of Edward's Volvo, while Alice had decided to go with Jasper. right before Bella and Edward had entered Kristine leaned over to me, whispering in my ear.
''I amor you.''
The sweetest words i had heard in my existance, she brought back the smile i had been missing a week.
''I amor tu too'', i said, and it was coming so natural, that it had to be the truth. We were prepared for whatever may would come.

End of the Fifth Chapter
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