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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
 fallen ángel
fallen angel
S T O R Y T E l l E R
b y : B u f f y F a i t h f a n 1
CHAPTER TWELVE: The Hero Dies In This One!...
I watched the gun pointed straight at my head, and looked twice at Mile who was grabbing his side from the pain. I wanted to help him through the pain, but Mandy wouldn't have it. I stared into the chamber of the gun, trying to see the bullet that would kill me if I did something wrong. I couldnt see it.
"Now, I came here to help three people. Me, you, Mile, and tu Kandice. Me because I'm gonna kill you, Mile. Mile because that way tu can stop living like this. and tu Kandice to know what the secret of Mile is. I didnt want it to come to killing tu o tu both, but tu gotta do what tu gotta do! And thats what I gotta do. Kill Mile and o Kandice too. But heres the thing, bullets are messy. So if I killed one of tu with this, then I'd have to do it last. So the first one to die would be with the knife. Kandice! Tie Mile up in a chair!" She ordered and I looked at the face of Mile. he was hurt, but he shook his head in YES format. I slowly grabbed the rope Mandy handed me, and pulled a chair from the cocina in from the Kitchen. Mile sat, and I wrapped his body, along with the chair, in the rope. I knotted it tight enough to stay tied, but lose enough to not hurt him. Mandy pushed me out of the way, and pulled the knot as tight as it would go. He yelped in pain, and I felt tears come up to the surface. Mandy then put the gun in her pocket. She made me sit on the bed, and then she turned the chair to face me on the bed. She was behind Mile now, and she held the cuchillo to his throat. She looked at me, and then whispered something in his ear.
"Kandice, I'm not human...but I'm a..." Mile started.
"Dont! Tell. Me. Yet! I want to know something first." I dicho and Mandy walked over to me, eyes on fire!
"What is it then, Kandice!?" She asked me.
"I want to know why? Why are tu doing this?" I asked her.
"Look at you, trying to be the hero. Normally heros get hurt o die. Lets take a look at that leg!" She dicho and punched the wound. I yelped out in pain, and noticed she didnt answer my quesiton.
"Dont! Dont hurt her!" Mile said. "Dont even touch her!" He dicho and she laughed.
"Or what? Youre going to untie yourself, and kill me?" She asked and went behind him again. "Last time I check, tu were BADLY hurt!" She dicho and pulled the knot so tight, Mile yelped out so loud that the tears burst from my eyes in pain...and in sorrow of hearing Mile in pain.
"Stop!" I dicho and she laughed even harder.
"Look at you, stopping me from hurting one another. Threatening me! And, even crying for one another. But, heros get hurt. CHECK! And sometimes they die! But, that hasnt been accomplished. YET!" Mandy dicho and I got to my feet.
"Dont even think youre going to kill me! o Mile!" I dicho and she smiled.
"I like you, you've got guts. I think I should cut them out, and make Mile eat them!" Mandy dicho and I laughed.
"So, the secrets out Mile. Youre a carnivore!" I joked and he laughed too.
"STOP! LAUGHING!" Mandy yelled, and we did.
"I think we should settle this right now! No weapons, no interferences, and NO backing down!" I dicho and she smirked at me. Everything came back to me at once! The smirk. The face. That night! The night I was taken to The Fear. "You! tu are the one! The one that tried to kill me!" I dicho and her smirk faded.
"What?" She asked me.
"YOU! tu hunted me down like a rat, and stabbed me in the gut! And then tu ran away back to The Fear, just as Mile came and drove me to The Fear. I remembered the face, only por the smirk. And tu just did it. And now, I know who tried to kill me!" I dicho and she dropped the gun. I flinched, waiting for the gun to mis-fire. But it didnt. I then felt anger rise from my feet to my brain, and I let the anger blow-its-top! I tackled Mandy, and I started to puñetazo, ponche her. I threw so many punches, that I didnt notice the cuchillo sticking in my gut. I raised my fist, and felt the blood on my leg. I stopped, and Mandy pushed me off of her. She practically threw me off of her. I lay on my back now, and I got to my feet. I then sat on the bed, and leaned against the wall. I took the cuchillo out of my gut, and felt the blood ooze faster por the second, out of the wound. I looked at Mile who was screaming his head off. I then noticed he was shaking inside his chair, I turned my gaze to Mandy and saw her laughing her head off. I got angry, and then I threw the cuchillo at Mandy, she tried to duck, but it grazed her arm. Everything went silent. She took the cuchillo off the floor, and placed it on the bed. And she did the same with the gun. She then grabbed my hair, and pulled me to the floor por Mile's feet. He was crying now, and I wanted to tell him everythings okay. But I knew it would be a lie. I tried to get free of Mandy's grasp, but she slammed my head onto the floor. I then looked at Mile. Mandy was about to leave, when I got up. I then grabbed the gun, and raised it to Mandy's head. Everything was making noise again. I then cocked the gun back, and was about to fire. I then handed Mile the knife, and he untied himself.
"Mandy!" I dicho as she opened the door. "Forgot something!" I dicho and looked at Mile. He was freeing himself. I then looked at Mandy who was surrendering. I then blinked twice, and pulled the trigger!
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its not ok
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