parejas de la televisión Out of my least favorito! couples who is your LEAST favorite? ♥

Pick one:
Ross and Emily [Friends]
Cook and Effy [Skins]
Freddie and Katie [Skins]
Blair and Lord Marcus [Gossip Girl]
Serena and Dan [Gossip Girl]
Bart and Lily [Gossip Girl]
Chuck and Vanessa [Gossip Girl]
Nate and Blair [Gossip Girl]
George and Bree [Desperate Housewives]
Gabrielle and John [Desperate Housewives]
Mike and Catherine [Desperate Housewives]
Carlos and Edie [Desperate Housewives]
Dave and Edie [Desperate Housewives]
Jessie and Zack [Saved por The Bell]
Karen and Dan [One árbol Hill]
Brooke and Owen [One árbol Hill]
Brooke and Felix [One árbol Hill]
Brooke and Nathan [One árbol Hill]
Nathan and Peyton [One árbol Hill]
Alice and Henry [The Secret Life Of The American Teenager]
Jackie and Fez [That 70's Show]
Jackie and Hyde [That 70's Show]
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