A resume.
1.Mark & Lexie:

so.i`m so pissed at the writers.what ae they doing? i`m waiting for like a season now and they never happen.and when thy FINALLY got together the broke up after AN EPISODE.what? are tu fcking serious?

and how stupid is the baby storyline? i loe mark and callie but only as friends.and i don`t want them to have a baby.i want mark and lexie to have a baby.that`s so stupid.callie arizona and mark as parents.please let callie lose the baby.!!!
i want my sexie back.

and jackson is por far my least favourite character.i hate him so much. he`S annoying and like i can do anything just because i`m hot.guess what tu can`t.lexie will never really fall for tu know matter how hard tu try.and now he`s ruining my favourite greys-relationship.he will pay for that.with lots of hatred.:D

idk i`m just pissed.and i feel so bad for lexie.my poor baby.... one of the worst things ever happened twice to her.the man he loves has a child with another woman....why did shonda have to do this?? can`t she just mess with another couple ONCE.? is that so hard?

oh sexie.when do i ever get tu back?

and i understand lexie it must really hurt but i don`t get this whole mark hate.he just has a fuck-buddy which is ok i`m just not ok with him to get her pregnant! but as angry i am sure it wasn`t his fault.it just happened...

but please.i BEG you! BRING THEM BACK already.it`s not faaaaaaaaaaair.

2.Blair & Chuck:

I don`t understand the amor for Dair. Chair are epic and Chair are epic. look chuck & blair have so many memorable moments.
1x07-limo sex.and their first kiss.how can anyone even compare the dair kiss to chair`s limo kiss/ sex.i mean dairs got freeze-framed! and blair looked like she just wanted to do it fast so it`s over.gosh the most passionless kiss EVER.they have absolutely no chemistry whereas cb...need i say it?

and it goes on and on.is epic speech at bart and lilys wedding.and the look on his face.aaaw. 1x10 how hurt he was when she slept with nate.when she tells him she loves him.all the scenes.even when he`s mean there`s chemistry.:D like when he tells her she is like one of his dad`s old horses.

and dair? seriously.cb belong together.and when chuck doesn`t get his culo out of the door and fights for blair i will get very angry.

Like tu know about the first Dair kiss...I HATE DAIR más THAN ANYTHING...but even if i was a dair shipper i would say that that kiss was bullshit and throw sth at the tv.
why are the writers doing this shit to us.?

WE CB fans HAVE TO HOLD TOGETHER. we can`t let them destroy our couple.just imagine if the dair fans are getting so much that the writers are making dair endgame.then i will kill myself.

where is the point in dair? we all know blair is still in amor with chuck hell even dan knows.
the humphreys really ruin everything.

3.Damon & Elena:

his is one of the many reasons why i amor Delena.Everyone who has watched 1x11 must see that.when she finally had fun.we need más episodes like that.she played billiard and laughed for the first and last time in the mostrar (till now) she seemed happy.and she always dicho she used to be más fun before her parents died...so she was herself again when she was with damon.sth stefan never managed.

all stefan and elena have is that they tell each other in every episode how much they amor each other.and then they kiss.BORING?! but she never really had fun,was her old self with stefan.the episode of the roadtrip is the episode i like elena best.BY far.Damon brings out the best in her and she brings out the best in him IMO.

Also they are not rushed as many people have pointed out already.They are just awesome. And another thing: Stefan seems always to feel guilt. It`s unreal ok? I mean look at 1x20 when he cries like a baby because he wants to die and everything.and wants to get burned por the sun.and elena gives him the ring and says it`s his choice and from one segundo to the other he says oh yeah you`re right i don`t want to die.oh and earlier and worse: when he wants to leave town because he doesn`t want to hurt her.seriously? couldn`t he think earlier about that? i mean he shows up makes her `love him`(yes i write that with `` on purpose.:D) and then leaves? WTF.bad mover stefan.and selfish where as damons amor confession is REALLY selfless IMO. he tells her he loves her and then makes her forget how cute is that?

also damons amor is más believable.it grew.
gad nothing to do with katherine.PLEASE! she looks like her.and he falls in amor with her during the first episode because of her character? and never thinks of kathi again? NO.I DON`T BUY IT. and damon was in amor with katherine in the beginning.and then he slowly realizes that his amor for elena grows.and that he`s spending much less time thinking of katherine.and thinks she`s a little bitch.:D
and begins hating katherine.also because she`s done many bad things to him.and where does stefans hate for katherine come from?

what bothers me is that elena is actuación like she doesn`t care about damon...chrm.she`s obviously in amor with him and just in denial.and what i really want is to maka step in damons direction. i want that she kisses him first!becase tu know damon has declared his amor for her already.and he always saves her did tu notice that(i think the song your guardian ángel goes very well for them) and i just wnat her to realize it already.maybe after he saved her (again LOL) that she just can`t fight it anymore.FUCK IT i just want elena to do anything a kiss o a i`m in amor with you.it`s time.