I have loved Delena since the very first episode of TVD. They had amazing chemistry, and I was really excited for this ship. But now, about nine months later, I have gotten to the point where I do not want to ship DE. Why? Because of the fangirls.

No one should ever have to stop shipping a couple because of a fan base, but some of tu have made tons of my friends quit the TVD spot. Because apparently if your opinion isn't pro-Delena, it doesn't count.

A small-portion of DE fans have made it impossible for the rest of us to be proud of shipping them. They spam, troll, and are just plain rude. I am disgusted por that small portions behavior.

I understand that DB fans have done some things that way are out of line (no one should be called racist for not shipping a couple), but so have you. tu ruin all their spots. Spots that aren't for you!!!!

Disgusted por this behavior, I once comentó "I am embarrassed to be a DE fan." (something that is still true, por the way), and a couple of DE crazies decided to stalk my activity because I am such a horrible person. I'm not sure what they were hoping to find (that I was a DB fan in disguise?), but they ended up getting to my favorito! place on Fanpop, a PR thread for about fifteen girls who are really close. A thread that has absolutely nothing to do with Delena. One of them came on to HJFG and started tearing us apart. Calling us awful people, saying we were just jealous of DE's chemistry (over half of us are DE fans), and just being ridiculously rude.

I really don't want to point a finger at any of you. I know that there are some Delena fans that are very pleasant and sweet, but every single one of us looks like we have mental problems to the rest of FP. So please, small portion of you, cut it out. I'm begging you.