This will be a lista of my favorito! couples.

1. Tony/Ziva NCIS
Tony/Ziva - ncis

They are my favorito! couple on NCIS. Pretty much the only couple on the mostrar that I actually like and tolerate. I just hated it when Cote de Pablo 'Ziva' left the show. Then she supposedly died. I really don't believe she died. But despite that sadness, she did leave Tony a daughter which was nice. At least Tony has a part of Ziva with him.

2. Stiles/Derek Teen Wolf
Stiles/Derek - Teen lobo

Okay, I know they were never a couple. They were just allies. Considering the scenes that they both had together, I thought that the writers would have gotten their acts together and put Stiles and Derek together. Instead they had to have him lose his virginity to a girl he hardly knew, then dated her for over a season then had him in a relationship with Lydia, a girl who he had been obsessed, in amor with, whatever. I'm disappointed with that. I don't get why Stiles can't just be single. I am not happy with their relationship choices. Anyways, Stiles/Derek, Sterek are my OTP and Tyler Hoechlin 'Derek' not being on the mostrar anymore, which makes me sad, and Stiles being with Lydia will not change that.

3. Spencer/Toby Pretty Little Liars
Spencer/Toby - Pretty Little Liars

They are my absolute favorito! couple from Pll. They are just so cute together.

4. Lucas/Peyton One árbol Hill
Lucas/Peyton - One árbol colina

To be honest, I never liked them together at the beginning, I liked Lucas with Brooke more. And I was a little upset when Brooke finally ended their relationship. I think I wanted them together badly when she was being stalked por fake Derek. Then they broke up after she had moved to LA. And Lucas was engaged to Lindsey, who I hated on the show. Yes, I am not a Lindsey fan. Anyways, out of all the couples on OTH, Leyton is definitely my favorite.

5. Dan/Serena Gossip Girl
Dan/Serena - Gossip Girl

I always liked those two together. Sure, I liked Dan with Blair, they looked better together than Dan did with Georgina who I never liked because she was just so manipulative and stuck up. She just made me mad. Anyways, I was so happy when Dan and Serena got married.

6. Kensi/Deeks NCIS: Los Angeles
Kensi/Deeks - NCIS: Los Angeles

I amor this couple. It took them a few seasons to admit that they liked each other. But it was kind of obvious when Kensi was sent to the Middle East for their feelings for each other to be known. And now, they are engaged, I really, really hope that the writers don't mess up, it would be really disappointing if they decide that they can't be together anymore because of their work and SecNav.

7. Eric/Donna That 70's Show
Eric/Donna - That 70's mostrar

I always liked them together. I know, what would Donna and Hyde be like in a relationship together. But then I think about the 1st episode of Season 4, after Eric broke up with Donna, was visited por an ángel and showed Eric what life would be like if Donna hadn't really been in his life and dating Hyde. I can see that it would have been way worse if Donna had dated Hyde. Anyways, Eric and Donna were so cute together. In my opinion they were soul mates.

8. Caleb/Hanna Pretty Little Liars
Caleb/Hanna - Pretty Little Liars

Another Pll couple that I like. I've always liked them together. Though the on and off thing got annoying. And Caleb with Spencer was just a big mistake. I haven't seen season 6 o the first half of 7, but I've seen pictures and read artículos and it just made me so mad when they wrote in a relationship of Caleb in a sexual relationship with Spencer. Caleb only belongs with Hanna. Just like Spencer only belongs with Toby.

9. Buffy/Angel Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy/Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Though I liked Spuffy 'Spike/Buffy' together, I just happen to like Buffy with ángel more. It just made me sad that they couldn't work out because of Angel's fear that Buffy wouldn't leave and because if he has an ounce of happiness, he loses his soul like he did in Season 2 when he became Angelus.

10. Stefan/Elena The Vampire Diaries
Stefan/Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Okay, I do like Stefan with Caroline but I like Stefan and Elena together more. They were good for each other, even though Katherine and Damon wanted them broken up. Sorry, I am not a fan of Damon/Elena being together o Klaroline 'Klaus/Caroline'.

11. Monica/Chandler Friends
Monica/Chandler - friends

I amor Mondler from Friends. I think they had a way better relationship than Ross and Rachel. It made más sense.

12. Jackie/Hyde That 70's show
Hyde/Jackie - That 70's mostrar

Yep, another That 70's mostrar couple. I liked Jackie with Hyde better than her being with Kelso. Kelso was a idiot and only dated girls because of how pretty they were. It just really annoyed me. I know, That 70's mostrar was supposed to be más comedy than anything so they weren't always serious on the show. I know Hyde made that one mistake where he cheated on Jackie because he thought she was cheating on him with Kelso, which was an idiot mover and should have talked to her and Kelso first before doing what he did. Than he got married to that stripper and it all went down colina from there. But I still think they were cute together and should have been together in the end instead of her being with Fez, eww.

13. Brian/Justin Queer as Folk
Brian/Justin - Queer as Folk

I haven't watched the whole series as it's hard to find the dvds. Anyways, ever since I first saw the show, which I have to say would take a while because I am not used to watching tv that has so much sex and homosexuality and in no way am I homophobic. I support gay rights 100% it's just it could be uncomfortable at times. Anyways, I hated that Brian had the bad habit with sleeping around with so many misceláneo men. I just wanted him to want to be with Justin romantically. They belonged together.

14. Penny/Leonard The Big Bang Theory
Penny/Leonard - The Big Bang Theory

I haven't seen every single episode. And I only have the first 2 seasons. I amor them as a couple. I mean they are so different from each other. Penny is the popular, outgoing, mariposa and Leonard is the socially awkward, nerd who is incredibly smart. They are complete opposites and I think that's why they work. Though I also think that Penny and Sheldon would look cute together but I like her with Leonard more.

15. Lois/Clark Smallville

I amor them together. I really wanted them together when Lois arrived in the 4th season but he was still hung up on Lana, which that lasted until the 8th season. But I was so happy when they got together. Lois and Clark that is. I think they were made for each other.

16. Veronica/Logan Veronica Mars
Veronica/Logan - Veronica Mars

I've loved Veronica and Logan since I first saw Veronica Mars. I hated her with Duncan and Piz. Both Duncan and Piz may have been good for her but I just wasn't. I was always Team Logan.

17. Seth/Summer The OC
Summer/Seth - The OC

I amor Seth and Summer. They were so cute together. I liked them más together than Ryan and Marissa. Ryan and Marissa just had way too many problems. Seth and Summer all the way.

18. Emily/Alison Pretty Little Liars
Alison/Emily - Pretty Little Liars

Yes, I know, another Pll couple. I never thought in a million years that Alison would finally be with Emily romantically. Alison was a bully season 1 through 3. But those were only flashbacks. And of course I admit that I haven't seen the rest of Season 5, 6 o the first half of 7. But I have seen so many pictures of them as a couple. I always thought Ali was straight but maybe she wasn't that straight. Anyways, she is a much better girlfriend for Emily than Paige. I really can't stand Paige. She makes me mad. And I find her to be so unattractive and controlling. What the writers were thinking when they had Emily fecha that controlling twit is beyond me. So, yeah, EmIson all the way.

19. Mike/Phoebe Friends
Mike/Phoebe - friends

I always loved Mike with Phoebe. They were so cute together and it really sucked the first time they broke up. I am so glad that they had married. Anyways, anyone who says that Mike was in the way of Phoebe dating David o Joey are idiots. I for one couldn't stand David. I never liked him. He was weird and not Phoebe weird. And then with Joey, it would never have worked anyways, even though there was never any mention of them wanting to fecha each other. They kissed twice but that was it, it never got any further than that and there was never a discussion of them dating. I don't think it would have worked anyways, I mean, it's Joey, Joey likes to sleep with as many women as possible, he did when he dated Kathy. I just think it would have been like a Rachel and Joey relationship, it just wouldn't work because they were too close. But anyways, I've always liked Mike and I liked them together. So, yeah.

20. Oz/Willow Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Oz/Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I amor this couple. I thought they were so adorable together. Okay, I liked Willow with Tara too but I think I liked her with Oz more. I hated Kennedy, she was the worst person for Willow, I think. I just loved Oz with Willow. But it really made me depressed when Oz left because he had cheated on her with that other wolf. That was sad and heartbreaking. For Willow. Her crying would make anyone cry. It was just so sad.

I think this is it. Sorry that there are so many. And I know that many of tu may not agree with my choices but I can't help that. These are my choices and if tu don't like them but that's your problem not mine.