My 10 favorito! couples:

o Jake/Peyton
I just couldn´t decide, I amor both couples. naley just...because they are naley and Jeyton, because I loved that they acted like a family with Jenny <33

Not a popular pcik either, but Nenny had something , I just loved...even if it was just for 2 episodes :-)<33

They are so cute...I really hope he is not in the A team...I liked the way, spencer judged him and they realized he was different<333

I really like opposites...and I amor they way that she saw something in him- that no one else saw...<3333

I just amor the bad boy, good girl thing and the fact that they had the same taste, even though they were so different <33333

Well...I really don´t have to explain why I amor them, right? I mean they are chuck and Blair...just meant to be<333333

They were so cute...I shipped them since the first episode of o.c california. The couple isn´t dramatic, just cute, sweet and funny, who couldn´t amor Seth/Summer? <3333333

I know not many people like Derena and I just can´t understand why. They are such an awesome couple...They amor eachother always have, always will XD and I really hopethey are endgame, because they belong together.<33333333

They were my OTP before I watched OTH and they are probalby the most tragic couple I´ve ever saw on Tv, the way he loved her and saved her, was just amazing. He will never amor anyone as much as he loved/loves Marissa <333333333

My OTP, I´m still not over their break up and I probalby never will be. They were just so epic I really amor their story and their chemistery and their frases . Season 3 was awesome and I really hate the writes for the way they end it. Brooke and Lucas were meant to be <3333333333