5) Brooke & Lucas | 82 Letters. Rain kisses. Cuddling on couches. These two were just epic. They challenged each other and were better people because of that. Their chemistry is amazing. I believe Lucas is the guy for Brooke and Brooke is the girl for Lucas. Despite not ending up together they are soulmates. Pretty Girl and Boyfriend always <3

4) Tyler & Caroline | I amor these two so much. The connection they have is amazing. Tyler's went from being her boyfriend's best friend to her rock. They need each other and mean so much to each other. Also vampire & werewolf badass couple. When they finally get together it'll be awesome. Forwood is meant to be <3

3)Damon & Elena | I cannot describe my amor for these two. They are just epic together. The chemistry, the passion,the, looks they share and they understand each other. Elena brings out his humanity and Damon brings out the real Elena. Damon loves her with all his corazón and one día Elena will feel the same way. Delena forever <3

2)Freddie & Effy | Lake kisses. Eye sex. Meadows. Woods sex. Handholding. No couple has broke my corazón like these two. These two are just amazing together. The journey they had. Effy opened up to him. Their cute, passionate and tender everything a great couple is. They got a shit ending (being beaten to death por a baseball bath yeah right) but their journey was incredible and they loved each other with all their heart.

1) Buffy & ángel | OTP of all OTP's. No other couple can beat them for me. I shipped them before I knew what shipping was and I still amor them as much today. The chemistry between them is explosive. I watch their scenes from years hace and still get goosebumps. From the beginning to the end of the mostrar they were 'It' for each other. They could amor other people but never as much as each other. They could only be truly happy with one another. No matter what they are endgame in my eyes because of that. Buffy and ángel are soulmates <3

Brooke and Lucas <3
Caroline and Tyler <3
Damon and Elena <3
Effy and Freddie <3
Buffy and ángel <3