The world as we know it has fallen apart, whole cities lay in ruins and the undead walk the Earth. Danger lurks down every alleyway, in every abandoned building and around every corner.
Imagine being a 13 año old boy on a journey to get himself and his 7 año old sister from Kentucky to Canada. Scared and alone, they push forward....
North to Canada, North to Nanas house, North....... to Refuge.

This is the first in a triolgy of Refuge Books. The segundo ' Refuge, Homecoming ' and the third will be ' Refuge, Reunion'. Not only a tale of zombies and lost children, but a survival guide for children everywhere, teaching them that anythings possible, if tu put your mind to it.
There is also a companion book 'Safe Haven ", whose main character, as well as others will meet the children, at different points in its story line. These misceláneo encounters with the children will also be mentioned in ' Refuge.'

I am willing to go that extra mile needed to market these books. I wrote Refuge based on two of my grandchildren, and I write my stories to appeal to all different age groups. I look adelante, hacia adelante to hearing from you.

My contact information is:

Regina Jackson Stinnett

ph: 519-633-0216
Ontario, Ca. N5P 1L3

o tu can google me; Regina Jackson Stinnett
tu can get the complete first book here:

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"Sarah, your uncle isn't coming back", dicho Dakota handing her the wallet they'd gotten from the barn. "I'm sorry."
Sarah removed the note from the wallet and after lectura it to herself she turned to Tess with tears in her eyes. "Hes gone Tess", she dicho quietly putting her arms around her sister. They stood like that for a few minutes. Tears running down both of their faces. Then Sara stepped away from Tess and began to prepare the food. Pulling herself together Tess joined her. After their meal Dakota and Jack went about the task of burying Milton. Dakota offered to help dig the grave but Jack insisted that he could do it. Once the grave was dug they cut him down and wrapped himn a quilt that Tess gave them. It was his favorito! she told them, his wife had made for him years ago.
After the burial, they all sat quietly as Tess told Sarah what had been happening since she'd left home.
"Dad came inicial one evening from being in town and told us all that people were going crazy. He dicho they were running into each other with their cars and there were even some people just grabbing other folks and attacking them for no reason. He swore he saw old man Cox rip his wife's skin right off her face with his teeth.
Dad was so upset uncle Milton asked him if he'd been drinking. Sarah tu know Dad never drank, he was cold sober. Uncle Milton told Ma he was going to town to see what was going on, but he never made it.
Josh from over on the Tuckers farm, he came por and, oh Sarah. it was so scary. One minuto he's just sort of staggering up the driveway and Uncle Milton is asking him if he's ok. Then he just sort of growled and come right towards us with his eyes all bulged and his mouth open, as he got closer we could see he had blood all over his clothes and part of his throat was open. Uncle Milton warned him to stop, begged him to stop. But he didn't. Dad came out the front door and shot Josh right in his chest with the twelve gauge, but he kept coming. Dad shot again, this time it took part of his head off and he finally dropped. Then Mom screamed. . We could hear gun shots and shouting. Dad told me and Mom to get in the house. We could hear gun shots and shouting. Just in a few minutos Dad and uncle Milton came inside and they looked horrible. Their cloths were covered in blood and they were white as sheets. Dad dicho they'd have to burn the bodies cause it might be a disease like rabies
They built up a big fuego in the Northern Pasture and took them bodies out there and burned them. It smelled bad all the way over here. Then a few nights later we heard Mom scream, uncle Milton got there first and shot Dad. Seems Dad had gotten bit but he wouldn't let anyone know except Mom. She thought she could fix him and make it all better, but he changed in the night while she was sleeping, and then a few days later Mom started feeling poorly. She dicho we had always been her angels. She told me to mind uncle Milton, to wait here for tu to come home. She didn't want to take a chance on hurting one of us, so she told uncle Milton they needed to take a walk in the woods. I begged her not to go, Sarah , I did. She just kept saying she loved us and to wait for you