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harold posted on Jul 02, 2007 at 12:11AM
So, I'm trying to introduce my son to the Transformers universe, but what would really help me would be a good character guide...I've browsed several sites (I'm particularly impressed with the Transformers Archive), but so far none of them has a character guide. I see lists of toys (invariably incomplete, as they're mostly fan-generated) and episode guides, but neither of those is what I need. Do you have any ideas/recommendations?

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hace más de un año megloveskyle said…
I don't know if this is what your looking for. These are a list of Transformers. Most of all of these were in the movie.
The Autobots

Optimus Prime
Noble, elegant and shakespearean leader of the Autobots

Scout, smallest of the Autobots, most connected to humans

Very eager, very contemporary and very stylish; looks at human culture and picks out what he likes best

Medic/science officer, smartest of the Autobots; vehicle mode: Emergency vehicle

Tough and gritty soldier, the muscle in the Autobot team

The Decepticons

Most advanced being in the universe, not purely evil, has a darwinist approach towards humanity (survival of the fittest), treats humans like we treat animals

Plotting to overthrow Megatron, the classic "banter" between Megatron and Starscream is intact

A pissed off, eager brute who charges into battle, even if there's no point in doing so

The most Constructicon-like of the bots; a fascist who hates all Decepticons except Megatron

A scout, a camouflaged hunter, vehicle mode - cop car

Most BeastWars/Dinobot-like bot, makes total sense in the environment he's in

Infiltrator; the character evolved from Soundwave to Frenzy; very small

Transport for the Decepticons, kind of like the Decepticon version of "Ratchet"; sends out an EMP-blast to block out all electronical detection devices prior to a Decepticon attack, so "you won't know what hit you".

hace más de un año harold said…
That's a nice list, Meg, but I was hoping for an exhaustive list of all Transformers ever somewhere, which I suspect would be beyond either your or my time capabilities.
hace más de un año Saphira333 said…
hang on that she did have a good list but in your characters are you including humans?
hace más de un año loner614 said…
I think this may be what your looking for Harold, There`s a Alphabetical list of all the characters on this site. Just click on Characters at the top...

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hace más de un año harold said…
WOW - that is an awesome list! I'm writing to the site owners to point out some that they're missing, but it is pretty exhaustive.