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AzisDoICare posted on Dec 12, 2015 at 11:44AM

Get your result and tell me. I wanna see who you get. :P
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hace más de un año IndieGerman said…
big smile
Spider! Smash it! Ugh. You got the spider-con Airachnid!
Airachnid's first intention upon meeting you was to add you to her collection, or more, make you the beginning of a new collection. Her intentions were swayed, however, when she began to observe you. You were like her in some ways, but completely different in others. She was mostly interested in your cold attitude, and how you preferred to be left alone. She wondered at the pain and sadness that radiated from your body in silent, unheard waves. You both established an uneasy relationship, but eventually came to enjoying the other's company.
Good job, but I'd watch my back if I were you!
Here's my result!
 Spider! Smash it! Ugh. tu got the spider-con Airachnid! Airachnid's first intention upon meeting yo
AzisDoICare commented…
I amor Airachnid she's the best! hace más de un año
AzisDoICare commented…
Lucky mate! hace más de un año
hace más de un año AzisDoICare said…
DUCK! Oh, glad you could duck that lob! Anyway, you got the rogue and unpredictable wrecker Wheeljack!
Wheeljack discovered you when he first landed on earth, prior to his capture and imprisonment by the Decepticons. You had run away from home or "gone rogue" as Wheeljack liked to say. When he was captured, you remained hidden on the Jackhammer and attempted to find a way to help the strange sentient being, but were unsuccessful. Your existence was always a secret, one uncovered by Miko when Wheeljack was almost killed by Hardshell. You and the other girl became friends, but Jack and Raf tended to avoid you. You were unpredictable and had a fierce temper, but were likable enough.
You've found a friend! Good job!

I got Wheeljack.... Cool, I'm satisfied.
 DUCK! Oh, glad tu could pato that lob! Anyway, tu got the rogue and unpredictable wrecker Wheeljack
hace más de un año LolaMiller said…
A-ha, I am just watching in link fourth part of Transformers. I want to watch a next part.
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