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BLAMargera123 posted on Nov 26, 2011 at 05:48AM
Hi its me again your ol' Friend BLAMargera123! im here to make a Roleplaying Game! not just Roleplaying Game! A WFC(War for Cybertron) type of Game! now if you Havent played WFC then you should probably look it cause im too fat and stupid to do so. ANYWAYS War for Iacon! where you make your own Autobot or Decepticon and decide their fate whether they Live through the Cybertronian War or Die an Honorable Death...SO have fun meet new friends and...! something else :P also heres how the character chart should go:
Rank:(Primes are for Players who should Earn it)
Class:(Scout, Medic, Soldier, or Titan)
Robot Appearance:
Vehicle:(Cybertronian Car, Truck, Jet, or Tank)
Fun Facts:

ok so have fun! P.S. A Titan is a Giant Cybertronian that transform into larger Vehicles.

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hace más de un año BLAMargera123 said…
My Character:

Name: Ultra Prime

Rank: Prime

Class: Titan

Personality: Tough as Nails, Intellegent, & Powerful.

Robot Appearance: When Ultra Prime is in Robot Mode he is 25 feet Tall has, has a Red & Dark Blue Paint Job, and has Four Box Cars carrying Weapons, Explosives, Medical Supplies, & Jetpacks.

Vehicle: Train

Weapon(s) Armaggedon Hammer

History: When he was in Bootcamp he was the Smallest Autobot in Bootcamp, but one day he was captured by Soundwave, Seeing how Ultra was the Smallest Autobot Soundwave Transformed him into a 25 foot tall Hulking Cybertronian. Enraged to see he was going to be used for Decepticon Use Ultra with all his Might escaped from Soundwaves Fortress, When Zeta Prime first laid Eyes on Ultra he made Ultra Leader of A Mission that Involves Destroying 3 Fortresses that happen to be seen around the Bootcamp. Happy to do so Ultra Destroyed all the fortresses and Badly Injured Soundwave.
Likes: Demolishing
Dislikes: Soundwave
Fun Facts: Ultra Prime has met Omega Supreme and Fought alongside Him.
hace más de un año Fairstepshaven said…
I hope I'm not too late ;)

Name: Spectrum
Rank: second-in-command
Class: scout
Peronality: ignorant and curious, cunning and honest, courageous and very inquiring
Robot Appearance: tall and slender, pitch black paint job, smaller than his fellow Autobots, his eyes resemble kaleidoscopes.
Vehicle: small Cybertronian car
Weapons: sniper rifle and claymores
History: Back when he was 'young' and naive, he got into lots of trouble. He loved tricking the Decepticons, but one day it got him into a mess. Megatron captured him and ordered Thundercracker to 'disect' him. Luckily, his wits and swiftness got him away from the Decepticon scientist. Now, he is physically and mentally scarred. Physically because of the tools that were scraped against his face, chest, and arms. And mentally because as he was waiting in a prison cell, he watched as other Autobots were slaughtered mercilessly. As he remembers that, he remembers that back then he was stupid. He is very wary now, and doesnt trust easily for fear of being taken and disected again.
Likes: sniping and just driving around
Dislikes: Thundercracker and medical/scientist tools
Fun Facts: He avoids major conflict so he wont get injured and have to see any of those tools again. Also, he was named Spectrum because when a beam of pure white light hits his eyes, they turn into different colors and stuff- so he also avoids white lights. (look up the definition of spectrum if you dont understand).
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