This is just the plot of my fan fiction story about my character Kimberly Prime.

When Kim gets sick, the Autobots set out to find a cure. Jack learns más about his girlfriends' s past and so when Megatron finds out that Kim is ill he knows this might be a chance that she might die without finding a cure for her. Can the Autobots find the cure on Cybertron before Megatron does?

(About Kim)

Name: Kimberly Prime
Nickname: Kim
Age: 16
Gender: female
Personality: strong, loyal, brave, friendly, fierce fighter
History: she doesn't like to talk about it
Other: Kim is a werewolf, her boyfriend is Jack and her best friend is Miko. She loves a good fight and Optimus Prime is her guardian.
Description: long brown hair, blue eyes as human, green eyes as a werewolf