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TDI character voices. (full cast)

Finnaly some one notices! (TDI typo)

TDI theme song on paino

heather hate some guys

lets go to gordan from londan

TDA aftermath 2-trent

My Wings

total drama island D.J.

total drama island gwen winning subtitled

total drama action aftermath 2-gwen and duncan

Canadian badass

How to draw TDI charcters

How To Draw TDI Details

Punk TDI

Dawn's TDIpod song

hxn gotta go my own way

Everyone's a bit racist

tdi heather ramdomness

TDI:Teen Titens

total drama....what!?!!!!?!?

epic movie

TDI- Mean Girls Trailer

TDI:Mean Girls

Gwen - La La Land

Total Drama Action - mover Along

Trent X Gwen X Duncan - Gives tu Hell


TDI:Wiards of Waverly Place

TDI:Suite Life on Deck

TDI:Suite Life of Zack and Cody


what would happen if heather won????

TDI:Hannah Montana

TDI:Sonny With A Chance


tdi heather ramdomness

total drama island funny

A perfect song for courtney and duncan

Duncan and Heather kiss Full Scene

Drawing Courtney's Head

Drawing Duncan Head

Icky Heather


Heather says: Mean girls rule!!!

heather 7 things spoof


Total Drama Island intro: arce Story version

Duncan & Courtney - For The Nights I Can't Remeber

Total Drama Island Trading Cards

Total Drama School ep 1 part 3 (No más Votes)

Total Drama School ep.1 part 2

Total Drama School ep.1 part 1

Total Drama - Just Jerk Off

American (Canadian?) Psycho - TDA

Total Drama Caramelldansen

Total Drama Island launches in the UK!

gwen wins total drama island!

Justin Is BAD!!!!

All About Us- Total Drama Island

Tween Drama Island trailor

Izzy- Real Wild Child

TDI message from inicial to heather

TDI-High school never ends!

Hot N Cold the TDI way!

Total drama island dub (by hads120 on YouTube)

The TDI Girls Are Extraordinary!!!

Best of Beth

Best of Trent

Best of Geoff

Best of Bridgette

Best of Lindsay

Best of Gwen

Best of Harold

Best of Leshawna

Best of DJ

Best Of Ezekiel

Best of Justin

Best of Katie & Sadie

Best Of Noah

Best Of Tyler

Best Of Cody

Best Of Owen

Best Of Heather

Best Of Duncan

Best Of Courtney

Best Of Izzy

Yep,Paybacks a-

9 starring trent


TDI - rock langosta

the campers r stars(srry bout what it says on heather)


TDA The Real Reason Trent Loves the Number 9



chris wants 2 b famous

chris iz weird!

TDI Charm skool episode 2

why doncan picks on harold. the shoking truth

a randome tda moment-justin and owen