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 Their first kiss on TDI.
Their first kiss on TDI.
It's been a año since TDWT and everyone thinks that Gwen and Trent have forgotten all about each other.

*Gwen waking up*

Gwen: *Yawn* I don't wanna get up...

*Walks out into the kitchen*

Gwen's Mom: Morning Sweety!*Cheerful*

Gwen: Good morning...what's for breakfast?

GM: Pancakes. Why are tu so...sad ever since tu got back?

Gwen: What? I'm not sad!

GM: Well tu sure seem sad. But, Happy Birthday anyways!

Gwen: Thanks, Mom. *Tries to be cheerful*

GM: You're welcome, Honey. Do tu have any special plans with you're friends today?

Gwen: No, but Izzy wants to take me out for ice cream...*Sits down*

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