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posted by LeshawnaGirl
I kind of have an idea for the third season of TDI/TDA, and remember it is just a suggestion. I think it should be called TDO. Total Drama Occupation. It could be about real life and jobs, and what people have to do. Everyone would come back and two teams, Chris, and Chef. Screaming Chauffeurs(it rhymes with Gophers and its a job) and the Killer Cops ( it is just an idea). The guys can start on one team and the girls on another team, then they merge later. They live in crappy motel across the calle from Chris and Chef's amazing hotel. And they compete in challenges based on jobs, like police,...
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Eva's Pov
Today was the reounion of TDI. Everyone was getting on the boat. Chris was standing their smiling. He probally have something planned for us. Maybe another season. A joke. Who know's what that Jerk planned for us. I sat on the boat. Lindsay was on my left and Trent was on the right.
"Hey Ava!" Lindsay shouted "It's Eva" I said
"Ohh yeah! Sorry Ava! So what have tu been doing?" Asked Lindsay "I been doing angerment classes" I dicho while staring at Bridgette. Bridgette slouched while looking away. We got to the island. I stepped on the broken dock then made my way to the sandy beach....
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